Repair a door hinge

When repairing a door hinge, a distinction must be made in particular after the execution of the relevant door hinge. Therefore, below we have summarized various options for you how to repair a door hinge.

Enormous differences in hinges and hinges

Unfortunately, we can not set a flat repair instruction for hinges or door hinges, as there are many different versions:

  • two-piece bands
  • three-piece ribbons
  • conventional door fishing
  • Lifting or lifting straps

Most fittings are likely to be conventional hinges that have a defect. Either the tang in the frame or in the door leaf is loose, the pin bent or the counterpart squeezed to it. Sometimes it helps to just let a drop of oil into the fishing rod.

Repair conventional hinges

If the door hinge is loose, the thread usually stops. It is simply screwed into the wood in most cases. Now some do-it-yourselfers recommend filling in liquid wood. However, the experience shows time and again that this just will not be strong enough. We therefore recommend liquid metal. However, this is not previously filled in the threaded hole when the fishing rod is unscrewed.

Liquid metal instead of liquid wood

Rather, the liquid metal must be introduced to immediately reinsert the hinge. Then it has to harden. This liquid metal will be really bombproof and the door hinge should be solid for the entire life of the door. If only the pin of the hinge is bent, this can be easily bent back in most cases. However, if the sleeve is squeezed for this, you will need a new one. These are available in every ordinary hardware store.

Repair multi-part door hinges

For multi-part hinges, as they are more likely to be found on front doors or doors with special safety standards, the manufacturer must be known. Well-known manufacturers of hinges offer a wide range of spare parts, ranging from new fittings to adjusting screws and caps.

Spare parts must be available

To remove these hinges, you should refer to the manufacturer's instructions. See "Unhinging the Front Door" to learn how to remove a front door.

Tips & Tricks

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