Attach a door hinge

Conventional hinges on apartment doors or on older front doors are simple in design and do not require much explanation in the attachment. The door hinges of modern front doors, however, looks quite different. Below we will show you how to fix the hinges from a front door.

Due to the special requirements at the door high-quality door fishing

The construction of front doors is significantly more massive compared to conventional apartment doors. This is ultimately due to the different requirements that a front door must achieve:

  • good sound insulation
  • good thermal insulation
  • good breakthrough security
  • good burglar resistance

Especially because of the safety standards, the door hinge construction is different

In particular, the safety aspects of doors lead to the door hinges of house doors are constructed differently. Most commonly used are two- or three-piece bands. Fixing always follows a similar pattern.

Fasten door hinge to frame and door leaf

The manufacturers of high quality door hinges, together with the door hinges, also provide a template for drilling the mounting holes. Otherwise, you must use the door hinge as a template. Make sure that the distances between frame and door leaf specified by the manufacturer are observed. After drilling, the door hinge is attached to the frame and door leaf.

Adjust door hinges and tighten

At the open ends of the ribbons, crown nuts are now used. Now the Allen screws for adjusting the door are screwed in laterally. Now the cover for the door hinges can be attached. Finally, the plastic or metal plugs are attached to the open ends. This procedure is similar for all modern door hinges, but you should always follow the installation instructions of the manufacturer.

Special features of modern hinges for front doors

However, you should still wait with the covers, because before you finish the work, you must of course still adjust the hinges. To adjust the hinges, please follow the corresponding links. Please note that in the case of the castle nuts, which are to be used in the hinges, that the upper nut can be inserted the wrong way round. This nut is often used as an adapter to adjust the external fishing mechanics.

Tips & Tricks

You will find all the relevant guides and instructions for door hinges in the house journal. You will also find a guide that shows you how to repair a hinged door.

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