Adjust the door hinges

Modern doors fit perfectly in the door frame or in the frames. Either the first time you install a door or over time, the settings often do not fit. This often happens at the front door. In this guide, we show you how to set and adjust door hinges.

Mark door hinges to other fittings

However, before you start setting the hinges, you must differentiate the different systems. Although these are clearly named, they are still often misnamed:

  • Door fishing (usually on room doors)
  • Door hinges (usually meant the security fittings on the front door)
  • Door hinges (simple folding hinges, not infrequently at basement and cellar access doors)
  • Door fitting (general designation for all add-on components on the door leaf)

Door hinges and door hinges

Door hinges designate the door hinges into which the door leaf will be lifted. Therefore, we have created a separate guide for setting a door hinge for you. Door hinges, however, are simple fittings, which usually have no adjustment options.

Adjust door hinges

Although the term "door hinge" is also often used for all mechanisms, but the expert goes from a modern fitting on, for example, a front door or any other door with similarly high demands. The structure of these hinges can be different and ranges from two and three parts to multi-part. Nevertheless, the setting always works similarly

Position of the adjusting screws

The screws for adjusting something are "hidden". At the bottom and at the top of the movable hinge there is a lid on modern door hinges. Take this off. Now you see an Allen screw inside. These can twist you. For high-quality doors, the top Allen screw is like an adapter that you can take out.

Then this adapter can be turned over and reinserted (for top and bottom use). Now the outer sleeve can be adjusted around the pin by the turning mechanism.

The third setting option (not always)

Now you can also remove the large lid, which covers the entire door hinge. This is usually only to be removed if the two smaller covers have already been removed. Now the view is clear on another screw for adjusting.

You can then make these door hinge settings

These three settings allow you to adjust the door leaf further towards the frame or away from it, in addition, the door leaf is tilted or pulled on the side, so set the door diagonally. With the third adjusting screw you can now adjust the height of the door leaf.

Since each manufacturer pursues his own mechanical concept, the settings on the door hinge may differ slightly. Therefore, you also need the instruction manual to your door. With brand doors, you can often retrieve an unfindable manual online.

Tips & Tricks

If a door no longer fits in the height and also fails to adjust the door, many do-it-yourselfers think about shortening the door. But with many doors, and especially with a front door, you can quickly reach insurmountable limits.

Video Board: How To Adjust A Door Hinge