Hipped roof calculation - important for the statics

The hipped roof calculation is very important for the construction drawing and the planning. It should be absolutely accurate. Since this calculation is not easy and many mistakes can happen, a structural engineer should go to work here.

Calculate inclination angle

The hipped roof is particularly elegant due to the not so steep, slightly curved roof shape. One of the most common angles of inclination for a hipped roof is the 25 degree angle.

This form of roof is often seen in the new modern city villas. Even with houses that have been designed in the Mediterranean style, this roof pitch is very popular and often used.

Hipped roof calculation - important for the statics: roof

Tuning items of the roof

The rafters for the hipped roof as well as the roof battens and the insulation must have been matched exactly to the angle of inclination.

Even if the hipped roof already provides a good insulation in itself, due to the large layer of air that forms under the roof, the insulation should nevertheless be sufficiently strong. In other words, an architect must create the hipped roof calculation taking all aspects into account.

If a solar system is installed on the hipped roof, for example, not only the additional weight in the calculation of the load on the roof must be taken into account, but also the shading of the underlying roof caused by the solar system.

Under-roof required?

Whether under the roof tiles a watertight under-roof is necessary depends on the one hand on the roof pitch and on the other of the selected roofing.

This sub-roof is made of a robust waterproof film, which must be attached absolutely seamlessly over the rafters and the intermediate insulation and welded seamlessly.

Basically, this under-roof is very similar to a truck tarpaulin. It also has a relatively high weight in contrast to a normal film.

Tips & Tricks

Look at different finished houses with a hipped roof and pay attention to the roof pitch. You may be photographing houses that seem particularly harmonious to you. These can help your architect with the calculation and planning of the house.

Because even if you know the roof pitch, from another house, this does not have the same floor plan size and then turn out completely different than your own building.

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