Renting a concrete pump generates extensive costs

If you rent a concrete pump, you have to pay a few additional costs in addition to a basic price and the pumping capacity in cubic meters. Depending on the size of the construction project, the conditions on the construction site and the period, many variable costs come together, which can be partially circumvented by a comprehensive planning of the workflow.

Indirect cost factors

The preparation of the construction site generates costs that have only indirectly to do with the concrete pump, but are still inevitable. The attachment of the access route and the stand must be ensured according to the technical data sheet of the concrete pump. For soft or muddy floors, wooden planks must be fixed on the floor so that they are slip-proof and load-bearing.

An assistant should, with long pump paths must be available to assist in the construction, dismantling and conversion of the concrete pump. For regulatory approvals as well as for the shut-off of public land for building site security usually costs a management fee, which carries the tenant of the concrete pump. Dirt during the concrete work must be promptly and professionally eliminated.

Local conditions

For the concrete pump itself, the tenant has to provide concrete sludge as pumping aid, which can be ordered from most equipment rental companies for ten to twenty euros. A water connection on the construction site for the intermediate and final cleaning of the concrete pump saves a hardship or execution fee of 100 to 200 euros.

Extensions for the pump outlet are usually calculated independently of the pumping amount with a lump sum per running meter between five and ten euros. If a minimum pumping quantity is undercut, a minimum quantity surcharge can be charged, which is often calculated according to time. Here, in addition to the actual pumping time and the time required for construction, dismantling, possible conversion and the Anpumpphase be charged.

Working time and minimum costs

The prices for a concrete pump are increased outside of the so-called normal working time. Most lenders count the time from 7am to 6pm on all working days except for normal working hours on Saturdays. Both overtime supplements can be charged here or lump sums can be requested.

Many suppliers have a minimum invoice amount including basic charge, which allows the operation of the concrete pump in the optimal case. The minimum amount is between 250 and 700 euros, depending on the size of the concrete pump.

Tips & Tricks

When planning concrete work, consider whether you can reduce or avoid individual cost factors by taking alternative measures. For example, you can mix concrete sludge as a pumping aid yourself.

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