The history of the Christmas tree: Christmas tree historically

Origin of the Christmas tree

The history of the Christmas tree: Christmas tree historically: tree

Evergreen plants have been in different for many centuries heathen Cultures a symbol of fertility and life force. Thus, in ancient Rome, houses were decorated with laurel wreaths.

And in northern areas, fir branches hung in the houses in the cold season to make it harder for evil spirits to invade.

The green of the leaves was in the severe winter a sign of hope on the soon to be returned spring.

In the Middle Ages, a decorated tree was first mentioned in writing: in Freiburg, the bakers set up a Christmas tree in 1419, which was hung with sweets. On New Year the children were allowed to shake and loot him.

In 1597, a Christmas tree was decorated in Bremen by the craft guilds, eight years later, candleless trees beautified the houses in Strasbourg. Records from the early 17th century show the decorated Christmas tree as a common tradition.

The many lights have been on every Christmas tree for about 400 years, because in 1611 the Duchess Dorothea Sibylle of Silesia decorated the first Christmas tree with candles.

The Christmas tree in the literature

The history of the Christmas tree: Christmas tree historically: historically

The fir tree

From the second half of the 18th century, the Christmas tree then also appeared in the literature: 1774 left Johann Wolfgang von Goethe In "The Sorrows of the Young Werther" his novel hero Werther raves about a "spruce tree with wax candles, sugar plant and apples" and thus set the Christmas tree the first literary monument that made him known in Germany. Also Friedrich Schiller and E.T.A Hoffmann wrote about the evergreen tree as a jewelry carrier.

Around 1830, the first Christmas tree balls made of glass, tinsel as a Christmas tree decoration is a bit younger: it was developed in Nuremberg in 1878, since then, the thin tin or modern metallized PVC strips to glittering icicles on the branches.

The Christmas tree prevails in Europe

At first, fir trees here in Central Europe were still quite rare and therefore expensive. Only the richer population strata could afford a Christmas tree, the financially weaker had to do with green branches. From the middle of the 19th century, fir and spruce forests were increasingly planted to meet the increased demand for trees.

However, the church did not endorse the "pagan" custom of putting up a Christmas tree. The Christmas tree could only against Correctly enforce at the end of the 19th centurywhen the tree was declared the Christmas symbol of the "orthodox" Protestant.

Tree decoration tradition: apples on the Christmas tree

The history of the Christmas tree: Christmas tree historically: history

In addition to nuts, red apples used to be part of traditional Christmas tree decorations. In ancient times, apples in Northern Europe were very important to provide people with vitamins even in the winter.

Apples were then one of the few varieties of fruit that could be stored for a long time. After the end of the Christmas season, the Christmas tree was then "harvested" by the children.

The apples are considered precursors of the red Christmas balls. They allegedly originated because a poor glassblower could not afford apples as Christmas decorations... (Source: PdM)

Success story in America: President with Christmas tree

The history of the Christmas tree: Christmas tree historically: tree

The Christmas tree in America

The Christmas decorated fir continued its way around the world: A German emigrant brought the 1848 tradition in the United States.

In 1882, also in the US, the first tree was lit with electric lights, and in 1891 also got the American president owns a Christmas tree in his office.

Source: Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen e.V.

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