Ceran field is branded - what to do?

Cooking often has to go fast or be done alongside. In the heat of battle, it can easily happen that something overcooked or dripped on the ceramic hob, and then burned. This article reveals how to remove burned in the quickest and gentlest way.

Basics for removal

What you must not use for removal, are scouring or scratching cleaning equipment, such as wire sponges. Such detergents can leave clearly visible scratches on the ceramic hob and damage the surface.

Removal on the warm surface

Branded should always try to remove the ceramic surface - just like all other stains - on the still warm (but no longer hot!) Surface. This makes cleaning much easier in almost all cases.


All hard-to-remove stains should always be soaked first. Burnt stuff can still be softened a bit, and can often be removed more easily. In addition to warm water and dishwashing liquid (high fat dissolving and starch power), other means are also suitable:

  • Spülmitteltabs
  • oven cleaner
  • baking powder


They have an even higher dissolving power than ordinary detergent. Dissolve a tab in a bowl of warm water and place on the stain. Thoroughly soak, then carefully remove the already detached parts.

oven cleaner

Also oven cleaners are specially designed for the removal of burned-in. Simply spray on and let it work in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. After about 10 - 15 minutes can usually remove a large part of the burned. If necessary repeat, also longer exposure is possible. The ceramic hob must not be hot when spraying!

baking powder

Baking soda is a very universal cleanser that can remove many stains. Mix with water to a creamy paste, leave to work and then carefully remove the stain with the addition of a little warm water.


The scraper is a very effective cleaning device for the cleaning of ceramic surfaces. But always make sure that you never move the scraper sideways, which causes heavy scratches. Before applying the scraper, stains should always be soaked.

Thoroughly clean again after removal. For example, glass cleaner can be used well.

Tips & Tricks

All of these tips work only when food is burnt into the ceramic hob. For other branded materials, such as baked plastic or baked aluminum foil, you have to proceed differently, otherwise you could damage the ceramic hob.

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