Ceranfeld does not switch off - which problem can be present?

In some cases, it happens that a cooking zone on the ceramic hob no longer down regulates or shuts off. You can read about the cause and the repair needed to correct the problem in this post.

Error Description

Ceran fields usually hold the maximum temperature of a cooking zone only for a short time and then automatically shut down. This saves energy and protects the pots (and the food they contain). However, this feature is not popular with everyone.

In return, it can happen that a cooking zone is no longer down-regulates, and also with the manual Herrunterregeln the temperature does not decrease. It is then heated constantly at maximum temperature.

error cause

Such an error is almost always in the switch or in the controllers to look for. If a switch or controller is defective, a gradual or stepwise change in the temperature is no longer possible.

The control works with electrically operated ceramic hobs (not induction) via a very simple bimetallic controller. He is responsible for the fact that more or less current flows, depending on the position of the switch.


In most cases, replacement of the bimetal regulator or switch is sufficient. However, the cost of spare parts is not always cheap - in many cases, the required spare parts alone can cost well over 100 EUR.

There are also other costs:

  • Approach and travel time for the service technician
  • Time spent on troubleshooting and evaluation
  • installation work

Overall, therefore, can result in a considerable repair bill, even if the exchange is usually done relatively quickly. Under certain circumstances, an electrician (specialized in household appliances) or an electrician can do the repair a little cheaper.

Tips & Tricks

Even with relatively simple appearing repairs, you should not dare to self-experiment as a non-electrician. High-current devices are extremely dangerous to life, even touching a live part can lead to certain death.