Ceranfeld - which performance?

Ceran fields are considered as the technical progress ever in the kitchen. They are robust, durable, easy-care and energy-saving. What performance a ceramic hob usually provides, and how this performance relates to old hotplates, can be found in detail in this post.

disk performance

The performance of each plate varies by manufacturer and model. A standard configuration is for example:

  • 2 plates of 1,200 W power
  • 1 plate à 1,700 W power
  • 1 plate of 1,800 W power

For many glass-ceramic panels, however, the total output is again only 3,100 W.

performance comparison

The wattage alone does not provide any reliable information about the performance of a hob. The quality and the height of the heat conduction between the heating element and the bottom of the pot can be very different. High-quality products are often superior to inferior products, without you being able to tell at first glance.

Of course, heating technology also plays an important role. An induction cooker delivers a different real performance than a classic, electrically heated ceramic hob. And gas ovens with ceramic hob or wood stove stoves with ceramic hobs have in turn a completely different performance (they are not yet very common).

Performance test in practice

To compare the real performance of herds, you can do a fairly simple test: the time it takes the stove to boil one liter of water.

For the test you should always choose the same pot whose bottom should be undamaged, clean and even. The ceramic hob should also be clean and free from deposits.

Pour exactly 1 liter of water into the pot and measure the time until the water boils. Values ​​around 5 minutes are acceptable, but significantly higher values ​​may cause a loss of performance. There can be different reasons:

  • Damage to the heating element of the ceramic hob
  • wrong installation
  • general problems with the connection of the stove

Tips & Tricks

Many feel that the old "quick hotplates" are much faster for heating water than a ceramic hob. This can easily be tested in practice (with the same pot) by doing the aforementioned test. However, you should remember that perhaps the performance of an electric cooker is slightly higher, but the energy consumption is also due to the higher heat losses. For this purpose, the fast cooking time plays less of a role in cooking than the exact adjustability of the temperature. A comprehensive comparison between induction cooker and ceramic hob can be found here.

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