Hobbykeller - the home improvement paradise

Hobbykeller - the home improvement paradise: home

An ideal space for every passionate DIY enthusiast is the hobby cellar. Where else do you have so much space for tools and work materials.
Who wants to use his cellar for this purpose, should pay attention to a good sound insulation, so as not to make the family, or in a row or in an apartment building, even the neighbors consistently with a hammer, electric saw and drill happy.

Also very important is good thermal insulation and adequate moisture protection, otherwise on the one hand, the craftsman threatens to take damage to his health, and on the other hand, for example, can suffer from delicate woods. Who would like to acquire a new home should, therefore, in the selection from the beginning in addition to many other criteria, the nature of the cellar questioned specifically, who builds himself, has the planning entirely in his own hands. Tips for building houses can be found at Immonet.de. But even in apartment blocks, the expansion of a shared hobby room is quite conceivable, also here you should first address this issue with the landlord and other tenants. "It's dark in the basement." This is how a well-known children's song begins. This should of course not apply to a Bastlerkeller, in the expansion and the device is to be paid particular attention to the presence of sockets, the lighting should be bright and warm.

The center of a craft cellar is regularly a large workbench, ideally in the middle of the room, so that you can work on it from several sides. Both as a workbench and to create more storage space, it is advisable to use old pieces of furniture with a few scratches. After all, you also need cabinets and drawers as storage space.

The beauty of such a cellar is also that it is also suitable as a multifunctional room for practicing other hobbies, be it as a gym with home exercise machines, as a music room for nightly trumpet exercises or even as a party cellar for the next generation, but in this case you should Set aside both the dangerous and sensitive utensils at the next party.

An interesting aspect in the context of the financial planning is finally the fact that in the calculation of the living space of a house basement as so-called accessory rooms unlike conservatories according to Wikipedia do not count to the creditable base area and thus are not taken into account in the context of a loan approval.

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