Hollow blocks made of pumice

Hollow blocks are now widely used - among other things, they are also made of pumice. The processing is relatively simple - everything you need to know about pumice, you can read here.

Background information

Hollow blocks made of pumice are a good way to build very heat-insulating walls. The material contains many air pockets, and therefore has a very low thermal conductivity.

In contrast to many lightweight concrete blocks, pumice consumes very little energy during its production, making it ecologically a very interesting building material.

Hollow blocks made of pumice: made

Current offers

Hollow stones concrete
36.5 x 24.5 x 23.8 cm, toothedschierer.de0,75 EUR / piece
Concrete hollow stone, 11.5 x 49 x 23.8 cmschierer.de0,73 EUR
Other hollow stones
Bimsbeton hollow stone, 49.7 x 30 x 23.8 cmebay.de3,07 EUR
Expanded hollow blocks, 11.5 x 49 x 23.8 cmschierer.de1,05 EUR / piece

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

There are often confusions between the terms hollow stone, hollow block and formwork stone - so always pay close attention to what you need for your project.

Further information on the topic:

  • Wikipedia article on hollow blocks: LINK
  • DIN EN 15435 for concrete shuttering blocks: download, pdf

For pumice: long dry heating times

For walls made from pumice blocks, you need to dry dry for much longer than other building materials. You should also consider this in your schedule.

Video Board: Kobims Beton Ankara - Bims Blok Paketleme / Motoman Robot Packing Pumice Blocks