Hollow blocks made of concrete

Hollow blocks are made of various building materials - but most commonly there are hollow blocks made of concrete. They can be used for different purposes. Read all about this product here.

Background information

Hollow blocks made of concrete are available in various designs - either for drywall with tongue and groove system, but also as so-called formwork blocks, with which, for example, basement walls can be built.

Hollow blocks are almost always filled with concrete, and thus serve as a kind of "masonry formwork" for the earth-moist concrete. This technique is often used for walls that have moisture contact.

Hollow blocks made of concrete: hollow

Current offers

Hollow stones concrete
36.5 x 24.5 x 23.8 cm, toothedschierer.de0,75 EUR / piece
Concrete hollow stone, 11.5 x 49 x 23.8 cmschierer.de0,73 EUR
Other hollow stones
Bimsbeton hollow stone, 49.7 x 30 x 23.8 cmebay.de3,07 EUR
Expanded hollow blocks, 11.5 x 49 x 23.8 cmschierer.de1,05 EUR / piece

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

The terms hollow stones, hollow blocks and shuttering stones are often used quite differently - so always pay close attention to what you want to use the stones for and whether they are actually suitable for the purchase.

Follow instructions for proper walling

Depending on what kind of walls you build, you have to follow some well-known rules of technology - for cellar walls, for example, this is a slightly different approach than building a garden wall, different stones are also used. Inform yourself in advance, therefore, what you need to consider.

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