Buy concrete hollow bricks

Foundation stones are a special form of hollow blocks that serve as masonry formwork for building components, and are filled with concrete. For more information read on here.

Background information

Formwork stones or shuttering stones are often used for masonry formwork - especially for walls that are in contact with moisture, such as basement walls.

Formwork blocks can often be walled dry, and then filled with concrete, much like hollow stones for garden walls.

Current offers

Hollow stones concrete
36.5 x 24.5 x 23.8 cm, toothedschierer.de0,75 EUR / piece
Concrete hollow stone, 11.5 x 49 x 23.8 cmschierer.de0,73 EUR
Other hollow stones
Bimsbeton hollow stone, 49.7 x 30 x 23.8 cmebay.de3,07 EUR
Expanded hollow blocks, 11.5 x 49 x 23.8 cmschierer.de1,05 EUR / piece

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

The terms foundation stone and Schalstein are often used alternately, but there are different types of both: so before you buy, find out exactly what type of stone you need.

Further information on the topic:

  • Wikipedia article on hollow blocks: LINK
  • DIN EN 15435 for concrete shuttering blocks: LINK

Foundation stones and formwork stones: Concrete correctly

There are some guidelines and instructions for filling the formwork bricks with concrete, which must be followed. Let us advise you on this by a specialist.

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