Fix a swing swing: "First Aid" for your favorite spot

I remember the swing of my childhood, back in the colorful seventies. She shone in the colors red, orange and yellow - my sister and I loved her! Accordingly, I have often wished myself a seat in the adult life for rocking and dreaming, but there was simply no room for it.

The swing should eventually be covered outside so that it does not get wet in the rain; Permanent removal and clean-up makes no sense in such a large object. Now I have a Hollywood swing almost flown, and unfortunately broke immediately afterwards. But I will not let that sit on me!

How won, so melted: my dream of a Hollywood swing

On the terrace of our newly purchased house, she is standing, well-protected under the deep saddle roof, in the years old porch swing. It was delivered with the property, so to speak, we immediately bought appropriate upholstery and settled on it. Unfortunately, happiness only took a short time, because some of the plastic straps that make up the seat did not last long in place: my husband crashed through!

Of course, this was fun for the kids and luckily my husband did not hurt himself, but the swing was only partially usable. At first it seemed to me, as if I had to separate myself from this old piece of jewelry, but then I thought: why not just do a patch? Equipped with an old blanket and scissors I moved into the fight for my beloved swing! In the video you can see what I thought up.

Again thought: I would do better now!

Okay, that's a very simple solution that works pretty well. But I should have actually linked the individual bands in a net-like way, so that they do not slip so easily anymore. Because now I have to push them back into place on a regular basis, so that no one plops through the swing seat...

Another good idea would be to close the hole in the swing with straps, because they remain lashed in place. One thing is for sure: because of such a small defect nobody has to throw his swing back in the bin!

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