Home accessories: A beautiful balcony offers space for cozy evenings!

Home accessories: A beautiful balcony offers space for cozy evenings!: beautiful

Relax? Then a chair fits on the balcony or the terrace

I need home accessories! It's almost mid-April, so it's time to bring the balcony to fruition. On Balkonien you can not only spend cozy barbecues with friends, but also have breakfast extensively or enjoy a cup of coffee with a beautiful book. But for that a lot has to be done first. I used the Easter holidays to make my balcony spring-ready.
Of course I started with a proper cleaning of the floor and my balcony furniture. That cost me a bit of time, but now everything shines and you can sit down to take a break from your cigarette break. So, it is already clean, really nice but not yet. A visit to the hardware store has changed that: now my flower boxes are again equipped with beautiful plants.
When it comes to the decoration, I'm lazier. For a long time now, I only order books online, with time shoes and clothes were added. Now I will also decorate my balcony with the help of the Internet. A large selection of home accessories are available at Zalando, I will definitely find something nice for balcony!
Schwubstiwups - already I have a great balcony!

(The great photo of the Terassenstuhl is by Rainer Sturm, I found it on Pixelio.de)

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