Household insurance for break-ins

Household insurance against 160,000 burglaries a year

In addition to liability, home contents insurance is considered to be the most important insurance and the figures prove this impressively. Over 160,000 burglaries occurred in Germany in 2015 and the insurance companies paid an average of over 3,000 euros to the victims. In addition to the collapse, weather disasters are a major cause of damage, especially water in the wake of thunderstorms.

Household insurance types: How does it work in 2016?

1st place of residence

Household insurance for break-ins: break-ins

Household insurance - A comparison is worthwhile

First, all types of home insurance differ by the place of residence. Places with high risks due to burglaries or heavy storms are significantly more expensive in insurance than peaceful towns. Even the basic protection here can diverge threefold! The insurance companies have developed a zoning system for flooding, backwater and heavy rain "ZÜRS Geo". These are also called "Zürs" zone.

2nd room, square meters and type of accommodationt

Not all; But many insurers want to know how many rooms you have? How many square meters does your apartment have? Do you live in a flat or in a detached house? Each of these decisions makes your insurance more expensive. Only caution, too few square meters or rooms indicated, decreases or extinguishes the liability for damages or is reduced!

3rd type: standard and premium

The insurance companies regularly offer three types of insurance: a standard protection against damage, additional elements and premium protection. Many policies offer something extra when taking more than the standard protection. This means that all luggage is co-insured with Allianz. In fact, household insurance is insured for many insurances if it is only temporarily outside the household, such. B. in the car, valuables and electronics are often excluded here.

I need premium, because...

  • I am very rich - your furniture is worth more than that of the Queen.
  • I have a lot of children (in Germany that means more than 1.7), because that leads to more and more expensive household goods.
  • I live directly on the Rhine on an overhanging shore cliff just above the water level.
  • I'm a triathlete and my most expensive possession is my mountain bike.

I really do not need premium because...

  • I live on the fifth floor in a flat in a small town.
  • I live alone and I am never at home.
  • we are frugal.

4. Cost differences to the places of residence and classes

The cost differences are sometimes enormous. If the Munich comes out with just over thirty euros for the standard protection, the premium customer in Cologne likes to pay more than 500 euros. Golden Rule: The standard should be under 120 euros a year costs.

In premium protection, the cost gap is quite wide. That's worth it anyway, if someone has to insure a lot and expensive household goods. It pays to become an independent insurance broker, such as Friendsurance, who can even offer you a "no-claims bonus" that will allow you to get back your paid-in insurance in case of non-infringement.

Insurers are all quite clear and similar in their insurance coverage categories and all major insurance brands offer this insurance. Often, it is worth considering to do this together with the liability insurance.

5. Robbery is covered! But not pickpocketing!

Robbery and overvoltage damage are also insured today. Do not give too low a value for your household contents, check it after a few years.

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