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For many people, a home is a dream. Many associate a special feeling of protection, security and hope for an oasis of well-being that optimally meets their own needs. And indeed: who builds himself, can plan his home individually and according to his own wishes and ideas. How satisfied you are in the long term then actually with your own four walls usually depends on two main factors: the size of the house and the quality of construction - so at least the result of the current client study of the home owner FingerHaus.

Home: Tips for planning: plan

Home: Tips for planning: tips

The size is what matters

For the study, homeowners were interviewed who had built between 2008 and 2011 with the prefabricated exhibitor from Frankenberg / Eder and therefore have already lived in their own home for at least two - but at most five years. "The fact that 52 percent took part in the survey surprised us and is proof of the importance of our own home to our customers," explains Fingerhaus CEO Dr. Mathias Schäfer, while at the same time giving future developers important pointers. what to look out for, if you want to feel good in your own home permanently.
The survey was evaluated by the Hamburg Institute for Applied Data Analysis (IfaD), which compiled a ranking of the most important criteria for client satisfaction. At number 1 landed the right size of the house, which should harmonize especially in the long term with the everyday life of the homeowner. If you do not want to live cramped and live later, you should plan on taking a few extra meters as a precaution. Second place in the ranking proved the quality of construction, in which the wood prefabrication method with its naturally healthy building materials and their tailor-made production could score points.

Transparency in all areas

Third place in the ranking was confirmed by the floor plan: Only when the number, size and layout of the rooms meet personal needs and requirements does one feel at home in the long term. Flexibility is sometimes required when designing a floor plan: in addition to large, connected rooms for relaxed coexistence, separate retreats may be equally in demand. The other "satisfaction criteria" of builders also include the manageability of the financial burden of building a house, the level of energy costs, maximum transparency in construction costs and the level of energy costs.

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