Home remedies as a pipe cleaner - so is back!

Chemical pipe cleaners are expensive and additionally damage the pipes, especially if they are made of plastic. Many home remedies are recommended by other sufferers, but not every one really helps against the different types of constipation.

Clean the siphon

In most cases, the siphon is to blame for clogging. As uncomfortable as it may be, before every removal of a blockage, one looks into the siphon under the sink.

After removing all blockages, you can prevent further blockage if the siphon is well degreased from the inside. If available, you can leave some powder for the dishwasher and then rinse well.

Baking soda and vinegar

First, pour baking soda into the spout, then add a cup of vinegar to it. Now the drain must be covered in order to unfold its full effect. The overflow on the pool should also be blocked during this time.

Baking soda and vinegar should work for about two hours. Then rinse with plenty of very hot water.

From the pool to the compressed air cleaner

The newer compressed air cleaner work on a similar principle as the good old Pümpel. But if the siphon is badly assembled or there is an incipient leak somewhere, the compressed air cleaner will push out the dirt there.

The hole of the overflow must also be plugged here, so that these two devices can develop their effect.

Dishwashing detergent and hot water

Anyway, getting a good idea is hot water. As frugal as one should be with it, boiling water prevents water in the kitchen and sink.

In the case of acute fat clogging, dishwashing detergent should first be added to the drain and rinsed with boiling water after one hour of exposure. This process may need to be repeated more often.

Home remedies soon

These home remedies were recommended by different stakeholders. Not every home remedy helps with any constipation, because you have to try it out, unfortunately, until you have found the best remedy.

  • Clean the siphon
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • cola
  • Compressed air pipe cleaners
  • Pümpel
  • spiral
  • hot water and dish soap
  • boiling water

Tips & Tricks

Always use small hair sieves over the spout. These not only keep hair but also lint and other foreign matter. These can quickly clog your drain, especially if fat has accumulated in them.

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