Home remedy for a cold: Mums tips against Schnodder

Home remedy for a cold: Mums tips against Schnodder: home

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Home remedies for a cold: The gentle clubs! A great idea of ​​the country friends, to organize this blog parade, because in this way can really get some really good home remedies for colds. As do-it-yourselfers, we are happy about every good tip that you can make yourself, so we are very happy to participate here!

Röchel, panting, clearing his throat.... Atchoo! What's that? Neiiiiin! The neck is scratching! Not again. Mostly he announces himself in this way, the cold. Then the nose runs, then the head roars, you feel tired and tired. Every winter, the big venereal epidemic overtakes most people several times and every doctor explains without asking that a cold with medication lasts for seven days or a week. Right is the Doc - right?

In a way, unfortunately already: In the pharmacy available flu drugs and legal stimulants of all kinds can indeed suppress the symptoms, but not heal faster. Rather, there is the danger of an opposite effect: Due to the lack of rest to cure - the drugs eventually keep the body superficially fit - the common cold can be kidnapped. This is annoying and tedious at best, but in the worst case, a delayed cold can spread to bronchitis or even pneumonia.

The best and therefore the first recipe for a quick recovery from a cold is therefore: Keep calm and nice at home, the typical home remedy for cold stops. Then you put nobody on anyone, especially not the colleagues. The bed does not have to be kept, but physical activities should be restricted if possible. If you are already sitting or lying on the couch, you can also drink tea - plenty of tea. This can either buy or harvest - here are some tips for tea cultivation in your own garden.

While mother swears traditionally on linden flower tea, one can of course also drink chamomile tea. The best of dried chamomile flowers, you get for small money in every pharmacy loose in the bag. Should that be too bland for your personal taste, you can also add half of peppermint tea. In any case, it's about the amount: Under three cans of hot tea, the day should not be ended. The eminently increased urinary urgency that accompanies this treatment ensures an accelerated "disposal" of the pathogens.

When taking a rest and drinking tea, the intensive treatment can be started: inhaling. Add about two tablespoons of salt to a bowl that can hold about two liters (it may be larger). Then add about six tablespoons of chamomile flowers, the whole is filled with boiling hot water. Now cover the head with a towel and carefully hang over the bowl. Just inhale and exhale. This not only opens the nose, but also the pores - but sweating is healthy. So healthy, that you can go into the sauna even when you have a cold, but a hot cold bath also works.

Those who pervade this treatment for about two to three days usually end up with significantly fewer complaints than before. Basically, however, applies in the fight against colds with home remedies: is allowed, what helps. Therefore, here are some other tips against colds, which can also help - in any case, we wish you a speedy recovery!

Important: These are just general tips. If no improvements occur: Please do not play the heroine or the hero, but go to the doctor immediately!

(Image: CDC Public Health Image Library, Author: James Gathany, US Federal Government)

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