Domestic water boiler or domestic waterworks

In private households, water is increasingly being used as an alternative. In order to have a little comfort, technology is needed that automatically switches on and off. When researching interested then usually come first on domestic waterworks and later also on home automation. Already the question arises: domestic water automat or domestic waterworks? In this guide, we give answers which system is designed for which requirements.

The changed environmental, cost and drinking water situation

The water that the regional water suppliers supply to us through the water network has the best drinking water quality. Therefore, the costs in Germany for the water are so high. In addition, for every cubic meter of water, canal fees, ie sewage fees, are due. In addition, the use of valuable drinking water for various household appliances such as washing machines or for toilet flushing and garden irrigation is a true environmental sin.

Alternatives to the regional water supplier

These are enough reasons why many households decide to use alternatives. These include the following options:

  • Fountain
  • Water reservoirs also in own construction (rainwater, greywater)
  • Rivers, streams, lakes

Hand and electric feed pumps

But whoever possesses an allotment in which there is a fountain with a rotary pump or a simple suction or exchange pump knows how difficult it is. When the rotary pump is to pump permanently with muscle power, the pump must always be switched on and off, possibly even before use be vented.

Domestic waterworks and house water automat

Especially in this day and age, which offers us so many technical solutions at attractive prices, that would be the famous saving at the wrong end. So house waterworks and house water automat in the shortlist. Very few people know where the difference between the two systems can be found, because at first glance everything looks very similar. Nevertheless, both systems are fundamentally different.

Function domestic waterworks

The domestic waterworks has a pressure vessel in which a certain amount of water is stored. The boiler is quasi divided into two parts. On one side is a gas (nitrogen or oxygen), on the other side, separated by an elastic membrane, the water reservoir. At the same time there is a pressure switch in the gas area.

If now water is conveyed, the membrane expands in the direction of the gas container and compresses it. This creates a pressure. When a set pressure is reached, the pump shuts off. If water is removed, the gas can expand again and the pressure drops. When a certain minimum pressure is reached, the pump switches on.

Function of house water automat

The house water boiler has no pressure vessel. The pressure is measured via a sensor in the feed line and forwarded to an electronic control unit. If the pressure now drops, the pump switches on when the preset pressure is reached and very quickly delivers a corresponding amount of water. This ensures that the pressure always remains constant even with prolonged removal of water.

But now that a tap is closed, the pressure in the feed line builds up very quickly. After reaching a value that has also been set in advance, the pump runs very briefly and then switches off. As already mentioned, the switch-on and switch-off pressure can not be set. With domestic waterworks, the form can be adjusted. Follow the link, you will also receive instructions. The pressure vessel also has a certain time buffer before the minimum pressure for switching on the pump is reached.

When the domestic waterworks or the house water automat is suitable

The domestic waterworks is therefore suitable to set a certain pressure in the water pipe, but also to ensure sufficient water. If a short or a small water extraction is now carried out, the pump does not switch on at the domestic waterworks. Especially modern washing machines and dishwashers are known for low water consumption. In addition, this small amount of water is not always dosed, but always dosed during the wash program.

Applications for the domestic waterworks

The domestic waterworks ensures that there is always water available. The toilet flush is a similar example. Again, only small amounts of water are needed. But if now a domestic water machine would be connected, the first would find that the pressure drops and the pump turns on. The pump immediately delivers the set pressure with the corresponding amount of water. However, the maximum pressure is reached very quickly, so the pump shuts off quickly.

Applications for the domestic water machine

In a modern domestic water machine, it may even be that the pump now starts to clock a few times, so always turns on and off. However, in the electronics of modern pumps, safety parameters are fed in, which interpret this as a leak in the water pipe. Therefore, a complete emergency shutdown of the pump can be done after repeated cycles. With older pumps, the iron clocks, the wear is very high and can of course lead to very fast damage.

Application examples and justifications

However, the domestic water machine delivers a constant pressure immediately after opening the tap. Even if water is taken over a longer period of time. If the dispensing point is then closed, the pump switches off immediately afterwards. Thus, the house water machine is suitable for tasks such as long garden irrigation or filling from the pool.

Showering with a hot water boiler could be a problem again. It is true that water is taken from here for a relatively long time. But for a hot water from the heat storage and small set flow amount to the shower even very little cold water from the connection with automatic water heaters.

For this, the pressure at a domestic waterworks could drop to the set minimum pressure. In the shower, the decision "house water automat or domestic waterworks" would be an individual situational decision. If, on the other hand, only the garden is irrigated or another work is carried out with a large volume of water required, the automatic water dispenser is the right system.

The term house water automat may not quite meet it

Maybe the name water boiler is a bit unfortunate. Automatic water pump might be less irritating. Because, in principle, the domestic waterworks is nothing more than a pump that does not have to be switched manually while providing constant pressure.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to know more about the automatic water heater, we have compiled a contribution to the "Functioning of the domestic water machine" for you.

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