Domestic water decalcification system - what advantages does it bring?

Lime in tap water causes many serious fears, especially if the water hardness in the residential area is slightly higher. However, the advantages that the use of a decalcification system really brings is highlighted in this article.

Problems with lime

Every tap water contains a certain amount of lime. Depending on the degree of hardness you can divide the water hardness into categories:

  • soft water 0 - 7° dH
  • medium-hard water 7 - 14° dH
  • hard water over 14° dH

Effects of lime in tap water can only be clearly seen from a water hardness of 14° dH. Soft and medium-hard water leaves at most some limestone edges, but does not lead to heavy calcification of equipment such as boilers or washing machines.

Too soft water can also cause problems: It acts on water hardnesses below 5° dH already significantly corrosive to metal water pipes and dissolves soap very bad. This applies, for example, to rainwater, which has a hardness of zero because it contains no hardness.

Alternative for the washing machine

To save detergent (which is also beneficial for wastewater treatment in the sewage treatment plant and the water quality in rivers) you can also operate the washing machine with rainwater. If, in addition, the toilet flush is also operated with rainwater, in addition to the lower detergent consumption, it also saves around 40 to 50 percent of the water costs without additional measures and running costs.

Descale the boiler

Even with relatively soft water, deposits form on the heating elements of a boiler, which can quickly increase power consumption. A self-descaling of the boiler is easily possible with many devices. This eliminates the most important financial benefit of a decalcification system.

Kettle and coffee machines

Expensive coffee machines can be saved if you just run them with boiled water (for example, from the kettle). The taste of the coffee is thereby also better. Boiling effectively removes the carbonate hardness from the water. And kettles themselves are cheap appliances anyway.

Tips & Tricks

Before you buy a water softening system, think in advance which lime-loaded devices can effectively protect you. And how they can effectively clean or avoid limescale without much effort with a few tricks.