DIY with children

Children can often do more than you think!

DIY with children: First

Scribe Ricc

My grandmother is nine years old, now in fourth grade, and has work instruction for the first time. I would like to take this as an opportunity and to say a few words.

Do not worry, there is no listing with which age a child may first touch the cordless screwdriver or at what age the breakfast breads are cut with the table saw. No, because you can not fix that either. There is neither a standard nor the right advice. Each child is individual, has a different perception, different sense of responsibility and, above all, different interests.

It is important to find out first, if the own child has any interest at all. After all, it is not uncommon for children to spend their free time in the workshop. Sure, the mom tinkers with them and grow up with children, but which dad takes his children and even more girls into the workshop? For example, I am one of those. I do not like raving, I do not play football and I will rarely see you at the handicraft table. For that I go to the workshop and build something for and with my children. The interest of my great came here by itself. What daddy does has to be interesting. We are already at the first point.

Children are allowed in the workshop.

DIY with children: tools

Head protection for long hair

The emphasis is on it With! Alone is the workbench and of course the machines are taboo. Here you should pay attention to security. Always put tools away, lock the workshop, an unreachable main switch.... There are many ways to protect the tools from unauthorized use. The most important is the Enlightenment. Children should be respectful of tools but do not be afraid.
Cable tools, which are currently in use, are connected to me generally via a screwed to the ceiling switchable power strip. If I do not need the tool right now or leave the room, the switch is simply folded over and the tool is less of a hazard.
You should never ban the workshop completely, because....

... being there is everything.

Maybe not everything but already a lot to see if there is interest. So daddy, take the kids - not just the sons. Explain what you are doing, why you do it and what to look for. A piece of wood that has to be sanded is always found. And if there is a possibility, involve the children.

Children and the first tools.

DIY with children: which

work with the hot glue gun

With which tools you start, can not say flat rate. This of course depends on the existing equipment, the interest and above all on the skills. It is always possible to grind something by hand, and even a cordless screwdriver is easy to use for children. The important thing here is of course the appropriate size of the screwdriver and the ability to limit the torque. Today's cordless screwdrivers have more power than little children's hands!
In addition came then with us the table drilling machine (safety at work), the scroll saw, hot glue gun and now the soldering iron. I still think it's too early for electric saws.

DIY with children and the first projects

Eventually, watching and grinding will be boring. Then children want to see their own successes, which I think is very important. Only those who see results can enjoy it permanently.
Even if the first projects are not completely self-constructed, children should be involved right from the start and be allowed to co-determine their project. Accordingly, they are of course also suitable for children.

Children can often do more than you think!

DIY with children: children

first project with the scroll saw

I know you want to protect the children and always treat them as small and sometimes awkward creatures. But under no circumstances should one underestimate the skills of the little ones. Sometimes they get along better with their hands than we do. It became very clear to me at the first soldering attempts of my daughter. Not always perfect but sovereign she has set one soldering point after the other and equipped a whole circuit board. So dear parents, moms and dads - trust the little something but always have a watchful eye.

In that sense, I say goodbye and hope that I could possibly suggest a few thoughts.