Honeycomb Tips and Suppliers

The symmetrical honeycomb shape on the pavement is perceived by many people as decorative and harmonious. Almost all concrete plants have honeycomb patches in their product range. The cost of the material and the laying are among the cheapest Pflastersorten.

Easy laying

The symmetrical shape of the hexagonal paving stones allows for easy laying and patterns can be easily generated by differently colored stones. In addition to bricks, halved honeycombs are needed as cross-border stones and bishop cap stones for straight longitudinal edges. The stones for the honeycomb plaster are offered ex works with cast-in spacers. Depending on the joint width, these side concrete strips are strong from three to five millimeters. They are usually produced with and without chamfers in the standard colors gray, red and anthracite. The wider the joints are created, the stronger the honeycomb shape is expressed. For creating patterns, minimum joint thicknesses are better.

Decorative geometric pattern

The honeycomb paving biaxial symmetry makes it easy to incorporate decorative patterns in the honeycomb plaster. A different-colored stone ring around a central stone creates a flower-like shape, several rings with two alternating colors form circles. Due to the double symmetry, the patterns look harmonious. Also possible are triangular arrow patterns and letter representations or parking aid markings. The honeycomb patterns in the honeycomb plaster gain in effect through stronger color contrasts, as in the combination of gray or anthracite with red honeycomb stones.

Honeycomb patches are available everywhere

The honeycomb plaster in standard dimensions is available in DIY stores, in the building materials trade, in concrete plants or on the Internet:

  • betonpflaster.net Example: honeycomb paving stones in six colors from 9.95 euros / sqm
  • heusbeton.de Example: hexagonal full composite gray 10.90 / sqm, red or anthracite 12.70 / sqm
  • ramboeck.at Example: hexagonal stone gray for 12,83 Euro / sqm, earth brown 16,97 Euro / sqm, anthracite and autumn leaf 18,01 Euro / sqm
  • harz-beton.com Example: Spatial effect depictions within the honeycomb plaster, shown under the keyword "diamond plaster"

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