Do the horizontal barrier yourself - is that possible?

A defective, leaking or even non-existent horizontal barrier urgently requires remedial action. Again and again the question arises, if you can do it yourself to save costs. The following guide tells if that works - and how.

Install the horizontal barrier yourself

Basically, the self-attachment of a horizontal barrier is rather difficult to accomplish. Most do-it-yourselfers, in addition to the special expertise required, usually lack the equipment to inject sealants under pressure.

However, simple mechanical methods can certainly be used in some cases with some skill and prior consultation.

Do the horizontal barrier yourself - is that possible?: yourself

Wall exchange on own initiative

The method, which is in any case suitable for self-execution, is the so-called wall exchange method.

In the process, all the stones in a row are removed from the wall on a certain section, a suitable sealing layer is applied, and the stones are then walled up again.

But some things are necessary in advance.

Make before the wall exchange (leave)

  • Static inspection of the wall and possible working width
  • Selection of suitable sealing material
  • Professional advice regarding the way of working

High expenditure of time and effort

Depending on the total length of the wall, the seal can be a very tedious task. The time requirement should not be underestimated here, as the drying times of the individual processed sections are always in between.

Depending on the stability of the wall, the procedure can also make a lot of effort in the execution. In addition, the specifications of the structural engineer regarding the section length must be adhered to in any case. The shorter the length of each section, the tedious the work.

Possible alternative: hammer in metal sheets

With a lot of skill and a continuous masonry joint, the hammering of chrome steel sheets can be an alternative.

Here, however, you should always get instructions and advice from the pro. If the procedure is improper, larger cracks due to the vibrations may well develop in the house instead of the usual small cracks.

The material costs for the sheets are considerably higher than those for the sealing material during wall replacement. But the way of working is much faster and far less complicated.

Tips & Tricks

Of it, to apply even the injection procedure, can be advised only clearly. This requires special equipment and many of the chemicals are still dangerous. And without expert knowledge, the seal can even cause damage rather than benefit in certain circumstances.

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