Hornbach European Tour, Day 1: Who are the polar bears?

European tour timeline: Thursday 27/6 - Friday 28/6 - Saturday 29/6 - Sunday 30/6

Start of the Hornbach European Tour: Tug of war and Currywurst

Hornbach European Tour, Day 1: Who are the polar bears?: european

Go skating!

Today we finally started! After three weeks of anticipation, I took the train to Berlin this morning in Dusseldorf to meet the nine other Hornbach "heroes" at the Brandenburg Gate. Four days in three European cities are ahead of us. Now (Thursday, 9pm) I'm lying in the coffin-like berth of our tour bus (the bus has 18 of them and recently the Toten Hosen were on the way with the bowl) and take the time for the envious home improvement world even more jealous do.

The first day of the Hornbach Europe Tour 2013 was long but entertaining. Rheinschliff (the event agency) has ensured through the ICE reservations that the participants already had the opportunity to get to know each other when they arrived. I was just on the way, because Linda sat down, called "Omma Willma" (yes, with two M and two L - she puts great value on it!) Me directly across to the table. From her conversation with a fellow traveler it became clear that we have the same destination and when that was clarified, the ride became very entertaining. Only so much: Linda (or "Omma Willma") is a local celebrity in Essen. Especially among red and white food fans, because on normal days it is on the road with a rather conspicuous, loyal "branded" car. So a real original from the pot! Endlich normal people!

After a brief acquaintance with the other participants at the Brandenburg Gate, we were packed into our tour bus and chauffeured to the Hornbach branch Berlin-Neukölln, where a horde of half-naked cheerleaders welcomed us warmly Puschel-wagging. As a small opening action we were allowed to pull our 18-ton tour bus on a long rope over the parking lot, before a small selection of professional ice hockey players of the Berlin polar bears (including mascots) tried to undercut the time presented. Tour guide Bernd decided on a draw, but I'm pretty sure we were faster.

Fun fact for in between: Tour guide Bernd has reported that the most difficult thing in the organization of this year's tour was to find an insurance company that was ready to assure the "polar bear" players for the tug-of-war campaign. - Looking back, one can say that, just as the bears pulled on the string, the concern was unjustified. ?

Following the glorious victory of the Nine Hornbach heroes (and me), there was in the spacious courtyard of the building materials department a honest "Berlin buffet" with currywurst, meatballs, goulash, potato and Spreewald cucumber salad. Then off in the tour bus and with "Yippie Yes Yes" direction Vienna.

Summary: The first day of the Hornbach European Tour - in the video overview

Whether I've really worn down at the Play Station, whether you can really sleep in those coffins, who makes the most noise and what I find in the minibar of sleeping pills... all that you will learn tomorrow!

Those who prefer to be live and in color can follow us during the day in HD live stream.

Yippie-yes-yes and see you soon!

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