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In the near future the following scene will probably take place in German houses:

She: "Here comes the postman. Are you going?"
He: "Sure, maybe he has my new cordless screwdriver with me."
She: "But sure, you can buy only in the hardware store!"
He: "Did not you know yet? Hornbach is coming home".

And right up to your apartment door. The new Hornbach online shop makes it possible to order a specific selection of articles from the Hornbach range so that you do not have to visit a DIY store every time.

We have tested the piglet in the online shop offer right in its start phase and have pursued the following questions: How well does the customer find his way? Which articles can I order at the shop? And how safe is my personal information? Questions to which we give you the answers.

Follow the truck!

Hornbach online shop at: shop

"The Hornbach shop would like to be picked up by his customer at the cash register." This announcement sounds probably through the head of the customer when he goes for the first time on the Hornbach side and there seeks a direct route to the shop. But at first glance, it becomes clear that the Hornbach online shop works a little differently than they are used to from other shops of the same kind and this works more indirectly. By that we mean searching for and finding the online store as well as the items that you can order over it. The ordering process itself initially remains outside. We will discuss that later in more detail.

Hornbach online shop at: online

But we should not forget that the Hornbach side was not converted into a pure online shop. It's just an add-on offer and the page is not tailored to that. Whether this was a good decision, will turn out.

First of all, there is no separation between the offer from the DIY stores and the one from the online shop due to the merging of normal homepage and shop. However, the page helps to the online assortment to a better overview, even if one subsequently lands back in the "normal" product range. This means that you will not find a special assortment of articles on the Hornbach side that you can order online.

However, this procedure does not represent a major obstacle. Using a clear structure of the individual topic pages and the easily identifiable truck logo, which identifies orderable items, you can quickly find out what they can and can not order.

And if you turn in the wrong direction towards the fireplace instead of the machines, you might end up on the info page for the new online store - which you can reach most easily through the rather inconspicuous link on the main page. There you will find a clear page to help you with the first steps in the new shop. At this point you are virtually at the service desk in the hardware store.

From the info page, you will be redirected to the individual sections where you will find items that you can order. Similar to a guidance system that stops you from going into the wrong gear.

If you have any specific help or specific questions, please contact the friendly FAQ who will answer the most frequently asked questions. Anyone who does not know exactly afterwards must have skipped something.

And if you are using an online shop for the first time, the illustrated step-by-step instructions will help you with your first purchase.

The beautiful tidy shopping cart

Hornbach online shop at: online

Would the shopping cart in the hardware store look so nice and structured (and above all remain) as in the online version. Once you have clicked through the sometimes cumbersome search and have arrived at the product of your choice, you can put this in the shopping cart. What we like most is that unlike other online shops, a new page does not open every time you put a new article in the car.

Hornbach solves this in a different and clever way. Your personal shopping cart is permanently visible in the upper right corner of the page, as if you were pushing it in front of you like in a hardware store. As soon as you add a new product to the shopping cart, the price of the order and the number of articles will be updated immediately.

And if you want to know exactly what is in shopping days, you can click on the button to get to the overview page and make changes there, for example by adding items. delete or increase the number of pieces. We consider this procedure to be very comfortable and, in particular, clear. In the end, you only have one page open at a time, and you do not have to go back and forth constantly, tormenting yourself with a shopping cart that opens constantly. Above all, purchasing should be much faster. So it only offers benefits to the customer.

Hornbach online shop at: online

You will not be able to lose the overview of your goods any more. The shopping cart page is simply very clear and contains only the most important information that is relevant to the order. These include the selected items with exact type designation, an item number and brief information on things like performance, weight, size, etc., as well as the price per item, number of pieces, the note and the amount of shipping costs and the total amount of the order.

Furthermore, you can not happen to put goods in the basket twice. Once you've added a product to the cart, the customer will be notified if they want to put the item back in the cart a second time. A really nice service!

However, if you do not want to purchase items for the time being, you can create a shopping list on which desired products are stored. The articles on the wishlist can always be moved to the shopping cart and ordered. A tip: Print out the watch list and go to a Hornbach hardware store to convince yourself on site of the devices. If you like them, order the goods through the shop. First of all, others can tow before the construction project starts.

Once again, if you can not decide on a product and would like to compare different options, the article comparison will help you. Put two or more articles from the assortment in this basket and then click on the button "article comparison" to get to the corresponding overview. There are then all selected goods side by side with your data listed and you can draw accurate comparison. A very useful and helpful feature.

Furthermore, you can orient yourself to the article ratings of other customers. And once you have tested one of the devices or other goods yourself, you can distribute points as a registered customer. The only prerequisite is a profile at Hornbach in order to access the rating option.

Hornbach online shop at: shop

"This is currently not on offer" - The selection of goods in the online shop
Online shopping is the "real" shopping in the shop, or in our case in a hardware store, sometimes much more similar than you might initially suspect. You will scurry through countless passages, get lost and yet again wander into another department until you finally find the goods you want.

This approach is related to Hornbach with the non-existent separation between the items that you can buy both in the hardware store and order online and those that are not sold in the online store and are found alone in the hardware store, together. As a customer, you must therefore spend a certain amount of time searching until you have actually found the article you are looking for. The individual theme pages and the assortment are clearly designed and equipped with a helpful search function - comparable to the nice employee who scurries through the shelves and actually wants to do his job, but is constantly asked where to find what - but would be an overview page for the pure online assortment was a nice offer.

The problem is also related to the somewhat inverse division of categories. From the main theme pages machines, sprayers, decorative fireplaces, prefabricated pictures and bathroom design, the customer has to click through many more subcategories. After all, the terms are so specific that you can find your way around quickly in this area.

You also have to search because the range has been very neat since the start-up phase. Which of course should please every customer. In the mentioned categories and above all in the machines there are many offers that can be ordered online. At the same time Hornbach plans to expand the product range steadily.

That you can not order any trailer or larger machines online, it seems only understandable. However, a booking system for corresponding articles would be desirable. Forms could be sent directly to the customer and sent to Hornbach. Above all, the customer could see at a glance when which device is available, assuming a calendar function.

The problematic search for the cordless screwdriver
So far, the search has been mentioned many times, now we actually throw ourselves directly into the fray, purposefully to the machine department, turn to the left, enter the corridor with the cordless screwdrivers and... Damn, where is the model? Wait, there are the drills. Then there would have to... So... Hmm... I'll ask the staff.

A similar feeling you will have again in the online shop. Slowly one could assume that Hornbach wanted to transfer the Baumarktfeeling actually on the purchase process at home.

In general, the search options are to be considered from two perspectives: Let's take the professional craftsman first. Tied to a brand based on experience, previously better informed than the manufacturer himself and anxious to get exactly the goods that he has previously selected.

Such customers who are looking for a specific product are more likely to be slowed down and not reach their destination as quickly as they wish. This has to do with the fact that the general search function of the Hornbach side does not necessarily help. If you e.g. If you enter a search term of the type "Cordless screwdriver Bosch", you will be presented with all options that apply to these terms, which is advantageous at first. Especially if you know the exact name of the product and are looking for it this way.

The big problem with this method is the lack of the previously mentioned truck logo, which indicates whether you can order the item online. This requires a click on the product itself. If you could already see the logo in the overview of the search, the customer would be very helpful and he would reach the goal faster, because he would know immediately if it is even worth pursuing the article, because you have it through the shop too actually can order. On the other hand, the click on the product is not enough, because otherwise you can not put it in the shopping cart anyway.

Hornbach online shop at: shop

Let's come to the type two, the casual craftsman, who works with almost everything that is recommended to him, who relies on the statements of the hardware store employee.

Exactly for those who want to rummage and have no concrete product in mind, the filter function offers numerous possibilities to narrow down the selection in a meaningful way more and more. Especially nice is the button, with which you can only show the goods in one go, which can also be ordered online. The ratings of other customers are further beneficial. You can also see at a glance whether the products are to be ordered online (if you select the general overview page and do not use the search) and how much they cost.

So I can spend my money - payment options

Hornbach online shop at: hornbach

The small change can be stuck with online shopping. The main thing is that your account is covered or you can wave a credit card. However, the possibilities in the Hornbach Online Shop are not particularly numerous, but include the most frequently used payment methods with the direct debit procedure as well as American Express and Master or Visa Card. Paypal and other variants are not provided. Nobody should have problems with that.

The "hand on it" guarantees from Hornbach

Hornbach online shop at: hornbach

Real men seal promises with a good handshake. So also at Hornbach. You will not find the word "guarantee" at Hornbach. Instead, you have to look for "hand on it". Under this motto, the customer is made some promises. This includes e.g. a 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to take back faulty or unwanted items and refund your money. And should you need someone to pick it up (we already apologize to all Hornbach employees), you can also return the goods to any Hornbach DIY store. But maybe you just want to thank for the nice service... Continue in the topic.

Hornbach advertises also with permanent low prices. This should mean that you apply the prices that you find in the hardware store, also for the orders in the online shop. This is not earth-shattering and more standard. But nice, this is at least respected.

Return yes, cancel no
"I do not want this article!" "Well, buy it first and then give it back to us right away." If you find this little dialogue nonsensical, you're probably right. However, it will have to run the same way in Hornbach shop once you have accidentally put goods in the shopping cart and ordered.

Cancellations can not be made, which justifies at Hornbach that the orders are processed as quickly as possible and forwarded to the shipping. There is therefore no room for cancellations in the meantime. The 30-day return policy helps over it, however. This will get you rid of the goods and also get the money back. Only the extra effort for both sides speaks against it.

Incidentally, requested delivery dates are also excluded. After all, Hornbach does not have the shipment in hand. As a rule, however, you should receive your goods at the latest after 2 to 3 working days. Except the parcel carrier has collapsed under the load of the whole cordless screwdriver...

There is no minimum order value at Hornbach either. No matter what you order, they always pay the same delivery fees. Thus, the customer is not driven to make an order in a certain price level. And the delivery costs remain uniform at € 4.95 for parcels and € 29.90, if it has to be sent by a forwarding company.

Security and encryption of sensitive data
"This is like in 1984. And bet tomorrow Wikileaks published my shopping?" For all Internet pessimists the reassurance is pronounced that Hornbach knows what privacy means.

Ordering in the Hornbach online shop is a safe matter because it uses SSL encryption. These can be recognized by the small "s" that appears behind the usual "http" of the URL. Encryption indicates that sensitive data such as credit card information is encrypted. Your data is thus protected from third-party users so that they can neither read nor manipulate the data.

Incidentally, you can also place orders without having to create a profile at Hornbach. Of course, you still need to enter bank details, etc., but they will not be saved. However, you can not track your shipment without a profile or view old orders. But if you want to test the shop first, this variant is a customer-friendly option.

final result

Secure online shop through SSL encryption
Advantageous and clear shopping cart
Easy operation when ordering
30 days right of return both online and in the hardware store
no minimum order value
fixed delivery costs
Order also possible without profile
Save a watch list
Nice and helpful page to the online shop


Sometimes awkward search for articles
Relatively few payment options
No separation between hardware store and online shop offer
No booking possibilities for larger machines or trailers
Missing cancellation possibility causes additional expenses for the customer


The new Hornbach online shop is an experience like shopping in a hardware store. Only in front of the home computer. First, you have to stroll through the many aisles and look for the products you want. But once you have found the goods and placed them in the extremely clear shopping cart, the payment at the cashier is faster.

Overall, the shop is very thoughtful and user friendly. Unless you have struggled through the search for the desired items. After that, a comfortable shopping trolley awaits you, which is easy to use due to its clear layout and cleverly avoids unnecessary skipping between individual pages.By encryption, you do not have to worry about your own data. Furthermore, the online order comes without profile compulsion. So the customer was actually the focus of the planning.

We say yes to online shopping! The shop is a useful and useful extension of the Hornbach offer and receives a clear usage recommendation from us. The cordless screwdriver can come...

This test was conducted in December 2010.

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