HORNBACH publishes your project idea

HORNBACH publishes your project idea: project

You have a crazy project idea? Then send it to HORNBACH and win your official HORNBACH project manual!

(If you do not fancy the gibberish, you can go directly to "The Poodle's Core".)
You can divide humanity roughly into two classes: doers and theoreticians, pragmatic and Schlaubi smurfs. - Now some will pick up the cunning forefinger again and say "Well, that's not that easy!" And this objection alone suggests where the owner of the index finger can be classified. I know the variety because I belong to it too. And for two reasons:
1.) I have studied philosophy. (If I can do one, then smart!)
2.) I am an editor at lets-rebuild.com. I show people how to do it without having done it myself. (Often, anyway.)

Treatise on meta-do-it-yourself
As a professional 'meta-do-it-yourselfer' (yes, sorry, see point 1!), I am involved in the actual topic at most in my free time. When I come to the editorial office in the morning and call my e-mails, I often find 'fan mail' from our readers, pointing out small mistakes and medium calamities. Most of the feedback comes from Schlaubi Smurfs like me.

My species loves the public and prefers to use the comment function to denounce that the cited DIN standard has a beard and you should do some research! (Damn ax !!) But there are also very practical hints: One of my favorite comments suggests that 4mm steel plates may be a bit over-the-top for self-built grills if you do not intend to open a burger smithy in the Gaza Strip, (Only finest beef of course!)

Often we also get proposed topics for blueprints, if a reader can not find a specific guide. Among them are many very good suggestions, but also pretty crazy stuff. As an editor, you are sometimes wondering how on earth it could happen that we did not think of a construction manual for a round loft bed ?! ?

The poodle's core
Dear Reader, Your time has come! The reason why I tell all this is one Action of HORNBACH which I rejoice like a snow king. This time it's about EURE building instructions! YOU are allowed to submit project ideas - no matter what, the main thing is creative. It may be a good idea or even a half-finished guide that does not matter. The point is that whoever submits the best idea will get an official HORNBACH project manual and then - if desired - will be published online with name and picture! I hope the guy with the round loft bed reads along with you, this is your opportunity, man!

You can email your ideas to [email protected] by 12 noon on December 10th. All information is available on the official HORNBACH Facebook channel. I will definitely follow the current HORNBACH campaign "And what's left of you?". After all, I have a whole mail archive with tons of crazy ideas! And if I still do not win, I'll enjoy cleverly chucking after posting the instructions in the comments! ?

post Scriptum
Seriously people, we look forward to receiving emails from you, answer every request and every comment and make every effort to keep our pages up to date and quickly iron out any mistakes. So: Keep it up!

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