Hose Cart Comparison 2018

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  • Hose trolleys represent a space-saving and material-saving storage option for garden hoses.
  • Hose trolleys can be equipped with castors for easy sliding or as roll-free hose boxes for wall mounting.
  • The largely made of plastic hose carts offer a weight advantage over metal hose carts and thus easier handling.

Hose Cart Comparison 2018: cart

Whether irrigating the garden or washing the car on your own property: a garden hose proves to be a helpful gardening tool in many situations. Here are the usually between 10 and 50 meters long hoses Especially useful on larger surfaces, as they can be used to spray the water far away from the tap. But often the problem arises that the hose lies on the lawn or garden surface. As the number of turns increases, this results in a tube salad that is not only difficult to unravel, but can also be a risk of tripping and leaves unsightly pressure marks on the lawn. The solution: a garden hose with cart.

If you want to stay on top of your garden hose and do not get caught up in it like the victim of a strangulation, we recommend our hose car comparison 2018, in which we have compared the best hose carts for you. You will also receive a purchase advice from us with important information such as the advantages of a hose cart or the appropriate hose lengths, On the subject of garden hose, we would like to suggest to you here also our further product comparisons, which we carried out for you.

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1. Why the garden hose can take on the role...

Two common hose car types

Depending on the type, a hose cart can be equipped with rollers (which simplify transport) or without rollers (which also allows mounting on the wall). The latter is therefore also referred to as a wall hose box, but is only limited in terms of mobility.

Hose Cart Comparison 2018: garden

As a gardening tool, the hose cart a work aid and at the same time a space-saving storage option for garden hoses represents.

It consists of a hose drum mounted on a mobile frame and usually operated by a crank, onto which the hose is rolled up. This can be rolled out depending on the needs and application in each case in the desired length, which is needed for irrigating or spraying the application area.

Particularly noteworthy here is the Kink protection, thanks to which kinks in the hose are prevented. In addition, hoses can be stowed away thanks to a kink protection material-saving. Often, the car also has a connection for the garden hose and for the direct water supply from the tap.

Hose Cart Comparison 2018: 2018

2. What should be considered when buying a hose cart?

2.1. Hose length and diameter

If you want to buy a hose car, you should first clarify how long the water hose you are using should be. As our comparison has shown, hoses with the following lengths can be rolled up on most hose carts:

- Max. 20 m
- Max. 50 m
- Max. 60 m
- Max. 100 m

Hose Cart Comparison 2018: 2018

A hose cart set with hose as part of the delivery can save money.

However, we would like to remind you that models designed for 20-meter-long hoses, too shorter tubes with a length of, for example, only 10 meters can be used. For a smaller garden, a garden hose cart with this hose length may already be sufficient. However, if you need a hose length of 80 meters or more, we recommend a so-called professional hose car.

Basically plays in the hose properties and the Connection or hose diameter a crucial role - this is specified in inches and for garden hoses is usually 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch for some models, which corresponds to a diameter of about 13 mm or 19 mm.

The higher the diameter and thus the thicker the hose, the higher the water flow (the more water can be transported through the hose). When rolling up to the hose reel drum, however, this means that As the hose diameter increases, the maximum rollable hose length decreases.

Conversely, this means that, for example, in a hose cart for the garden with a maximum hose length of 20 m and a hose diameter of 1/2 inch, a 3/4 inch hose may under certain circumstances not be able to be completely wound up.

Tip: In addition, we would like to point out that in addition to hose reels without hose, certain models are already available from the factory with a garden or water hose of suitable length.

Depending on the diameter and type can be Assign garden hoses to different purposes, as you can see in the following overview.

Hose diameterAvailability of garden hose
1/2 inchsufficient for garden irrigation, thanks to the lower weight easier handling compared to the 3/4-inch hose
3/4 inchfor irrigation of large areas, water flow too large for smaller plants
1 inchUse in agriculture

2.2. Material and weight

Hose Cart Comparison 2018: 2018

A garden hose reel with many plastic elements saves weight and is therefore easier to transport, which you could also convince in a personal hose car test.

Regardless of whether you want to buy a cheap hose car or decide on a model from the upper price segment, we would first like to briefly explain the materials used in hose carts.

In addition to metal, iron and steel, the material here is in particular plastic, whose main advantage lies in the lower weight compared to metal. For example, hose carts, which mainly consist of plastic, usually weigh between three and five kilograms, whereas metal hose carts can weigh up to ten kilograms.

This has to be taken into account especially with frequent use of the hose cart. Despite the weight disadvantage offer Metal, iron and steel, however, have an advantage in terms of robustness and longevity as well as stability.

2.3. Water stop and winding aid

Hose Cart Comparison 2018: garden

Hose reels, which can also be referred to as a water hose reel, can be attached to a wall, but this limits the radius of use of the device.

Depending on the scope of delivery, hose carts can also be purchased with additional accessories. In this category is For example, to call the dripping or water stop.

This can be integrated in a quick hose or a hose coupling and ensures that the water supply is interrupted after decoupling of the hose or the hose connection. In addition to the water savings, this also makes it possible to avoid unnecessary dripping of the water after using the garden hose.

Certain hose cart models are too equipped with a user-friendly winding-up aid which is to be defined as an automatic retractor. This works without electricity, but according to a similar principle as the rolling up of the vacuum cleaner cable.

3. Which hose car manufacturers are there?

If you now want to choose your personal hose car test winner, we would like to suggest that you first decide for one of our suggested manufacturers, for what especially the renowned gardening equipment specialist Gardena counts. However, we can not tell you how a Gardena hose car would fail in a garden hose car test, since Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a hose car test. However, the following overview gives you an overview of the most important brands:

  • Hozelock
  • Dema
  • Gardena
  • Kärcher
  • Wolf-Garten
  • master
  • Einhell
  • Westfalia
  • Siena Garden

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