Hot water supply

Hot water supply: water

With a decentralized hot water supply you drive permanently cheaper as having a central. Why? Because the decentralized supply is not connected to the heating system. Instead, become fully electronic and modern devices in place, so in the kitchen, bathroom and guest toilet mounted. This reduces energy consumption in the long run, as only the water that is needed at the moment is heated. In order to convert its system to a decentralized water supply, precise planning is necessary, which can be carried out with the new hot water app.

An optimal hot water supply reduces energy consumption

Hot water supply: supply

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The new "Warm water app"Provides users with useful tips and valuable information. Via the App-Store you can download it for free on the iPhone. Especially recommended is the app also because a layman can not completely overlook the factors that are part of a comprehensive planning. The manufacturers offer a variety of different models, taking into account the acquisition costs, as well as the current energy consumption for the supply, the design and the operation of the device. Diving questions about the app or to download on, is the provider Clage with words and deeds to the side. There you will also find an online version of the product description for those who do not own an iPhone.

Which instantaneous water heater is the right one?

Hot water supply: water

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A water heater should normally have an operating time of at least ten years to have. Which is the right one, that is to be clarified by some questions. What performance should the water heater bring with it? Which equipment is required, which one can be waived? Can you already use existing fittings with the new instantaneous water heater? All this can be answered by the new app. The user is guided through specific questions through the program and ends up with concrete product recommendations. In addition to the text information, there are also pictures that clearly explain the whole thing.

But not only a layman can benefit from the app, the expert also receives support. For example, he can use a water heater formula with which he can carry out a calculation of the hot water supply. In addition, a plan can be saved at any time in the iPhone and call again.

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