The house demolition is imminent: what costs does it bring?

Who wants to demolish a house, is not about to order a demolition company. A professional home demolition takes into account all safety precautions and is certainly not very cheap. The removal of a cellar and the disposal of the waste - especially the pollutants - cost extra.

If the house is no longer rehabilitative

Some people deliberately buy an old house on a good plot of land to demolish and rebuild the building. But in some cases, the house demolition is also a result of a careless purchase of real estate: The cozy old building turns out to be a scrap property.

Therefore, when buying an old house always great caution is necessary, because the cost of a house demolition go right into the money. Sometimes only a construction expert can save the prospect from a bad buy.

The house demolition is imminent: what costs does it bring?: costs

If you want to make the purchase in spite of the building's dilapidated condition, then you should take the demolition costs into account from the beginning - and if possible press the purchase price for the corresponding property.

  • First of all, the size of the house to be demolished plays an important role, because it measures the required working and machine time.
  • A special cost factor lies in the local conditions: Is there enough open space all around the house, in order to reach all sides well? Or is the house impractical remodeled - this complicates and makes the demolition more expensive.
  • Also special security measures for the public traffic space cost money. If the demolished building is right on the road or next to a footpath, barriers are required and fees may apply.
  • Are special measures necessary on adjacent buildings after and during demolition? This factor also increases the costs of house demolition.
  • Is there still bulky garbage in the house, possibly even hazardous waste? This affects the rate of demolition, especially in the case of hazardous waste, the demolition company must take certain security precautions.
  • A possibly existing cellar must be dredged and eventually refilled and compacted. For the new building you need a proof of compaction for your own safety!
  • With the sole house demolition the work is not done: Also note the disposal costs for debris and hazardous waste to calculate the final price as accurately as possible!

Costs of house demolition: specific figures for orientation

The demolition costs for a house are due to the many different price factors not to quantify. The following figures are intended to give you a rough idea of ​​what the costs are to you!

The demolition of an old single-family dwelling of normal size with Teilunterkellerung costs approximately 10,000 to 25,000 euro, provided that it is freely accessible.

Demolishing a small weekend cottage without a cellar costs about half the price, maybe even less. Larger houses cost more.

Get at least two certified demolition companies make a concrete offer for your house demolition - or ask the architect who is responsible for your new building.

An ad at the building office is the prerequisite for a legal house demolition. Inquire if you need more permits. Also note the special provisions for listed buildings - even if such a house is located in the immediate vicinity!

If you need an official approval, you probably need to hire an engineering office to do the demolition planning - the building office will inform you.

If your house size is less than 300 cubic meters, then the demolition is not required. Also, if you want to have walls cleared on your property, you do not need to report this.

House demolition: a cost example

A newlywed couple has bought a property with a dilapidated, 120 sqm residential single-family home. The house is detached and basement. The two want to demolish it as soon as possible to rebuild.

As preliminary work, the disposal of bulky equipment from the interiors, the gut removal and the closure of all lines.

Cost overviewprice
demolition planning1,000 euros
Preliminary work2,500 EUR
demolition costs10,000 euros
Dredge, fill up and compact foundation4,000 EUR
debris disposal1,500 EUR
Disposal of hazardous waste1,500 EUR
total20,500 EUR

Reduce costs for home demolition

Do all the preliminary work that you can and can do yourself. Make sure that the house to be demolished is as free as possible, and remove any obstacles that you can remove yourself. Clear the house as empty as possible.

Tips & Tricks

If you have a dilapidated house, but the demolition is still something to be expected, then remember to secure the building sufficiently! Especially if there is a risk of collapse, you should take action to avoid consequential damage or fines.

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