Front doors and exterior doors - Wooden door

Tips on door materials and special cling doors

Front doors and exterior doors - Wooden door: door

Buying a front door requires a lot of preparation, so get well advised on the materials and accessories.

Domestic and multi-purpose doors are available in different materials. The look and appearance is also an important factor in the buying decision. Also special designs are possible.

You should seek advice from a specialist on all these aspects. Below you will find out valuable information that you should consider in advance.

Doors - woaruf you should pay attention

The front door forms a dividing line between the outside world and our private life, ie where we live and shape our lives. We take care and make sure that strangers and unauthorized persons do not violate or exceed the limits.

The front door is always in the foreground. It is the most heavily used element of a house and must be designed according to the requirements, especially if the doors are produced with skylights, side panels or custom-made.

Nowadays, more and more multipurpose front doors, which have a simpler door construction, are offered and sold.

Here should also be especially on the standard equipment such as 5-locking, adjustable door hinges such as be respected on the processing.

Door materials and door design

Front doors and exterior doors - Wooden door: front


Domestic and multi-purpose doors are available in different materials. The materials used for these products are wood, plastic or aluminum. In recent years, there has clearly been a trend towards plastic doors.

It is important for plastic doors, that offered door one encircling steel core because plastic is a ductile material subject to the effects of cold and heat. Important standard equipment in terms of stability, in addition to the steel core, adjustable 3-D bands such as Stiffening angle at the door wing corners.

Wooden doors are also available in different finishes (colors). It is important that the doors are primed and not raw. Aluminum doors should have thermally-separated profiles, so that at varying temperatures (in winter) no condensation in the interior is to be lamented.


The design of a front door, the look and the look, is an important factor in the home buyer's purchase decision. In many cases it is a joint decision of the family.

In recent years, manufacturers have developed a whole range of accessories, which also play a major role in the design of the door, to meet the different tastes of buyers.

With the purchase of a door including frame, only one of several purchase decisions has been made. As a rule, products from the hardware department such as fittings, locks and various safety equipment are still needed.

door structure

We distinguish at the front door, as well as the window, glare and sash, which also take on similar functions. For larger openings Front doors can be provided with one or two side panels and skylight. Side parts are produced in different variants.

Special designs are also possible with smaller dimensions as well as the type of locking, such as 5-way or 3-way locks, which represents an important safety aspect in front doors.

Klöntür: two-part front door

Front doors and exterior doors - Wooden door: door

Danish Klöntüren have a long tradition and have always been an expression of coziness and openness. They are divided into two, i. the upper and lower half can be opened and closed independently.

Thus, even the medieval city dwellers in Germany could open the top half of the door, lean out and talk to their neighbors or passers-by. Children and pets could not escape on top of that...

This traditional door shape but also fits the modern way of life especially good in our time. The combined function of the door allows effective ventilation without having to completely open the door. Toddlers can crawl and the dog stays outside. And one thing is certain - nowadays, there is not enough good-neighbors klönt.

Front doors and exterior doors - Wooden door: door

The legendary Klöntüren could even contribute a little to the improvement of the conversation culture... Manufactured according to old craft tradition, the Danish Klinkenüren of Frovin of course also meet all the requirements of modern construction technology and thermal insulation.

They are therefore ideal for renovation as well as new construction as entrance doors, side entrance doors and patio doors - and even as interior doors.

These doors are made exclusively from fine Scandinavian pine wood. Fine pine is harder than the Central European variety. It has a high content of ingredients, e.g. Resins and fats that give the wood a high resistance.

And that Klöntüren keep 100 years and longer, you can see in many old half-timbered houses.

Practical and beautiful: Danish Klöntüren rightly enjoy a legendary reputation. Made with great attention to detail in different smart variants, you are as an entrance or patio door an asset to any home. The classic construction guarantees safety and value retention.

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