Stylishly designing the house façade: our best ideas

The house façade immediately catches the eye as soon as a person approaches: That's why it's important to make it as appealing as possible! This works with plaster and paint as well as with different types of coverings. Together we take a look at the many possibilities and enrich them with our individual ideas for your creative design project.

Decorate the house facade with plaster and paint

If you prefer to design your own façade yourself, we recommend using paint and roller and maybe a few buckets of plaster. Make sure you have a solid, clean surface before you start!

There are more than enough ideas to conjure up a real showpiece from your boring house façade: for example, apply a chic, wave-shaped decorative plaster or bring the fresh, fresh surface to life with the quast.

Stylishly designing the house façade: our best ideas: façade

And now it's time for a new coat of paint [/ alert]: How about making the façade two-colored and simply brightening up certain architectural elements? Further design options are listed in the following list:

  • painting an ornament or picture as an eye-catcher on the façade
  • set the base in a different color
  • Apply decorative tapes from stencil painting
  • Paint family coat of arms over the door
  • use an unusual color
  • Lay glazes over one another and thus create dynamics

Design the house facade with a paneling

The second option is to disguise the house facade with a foreign material - completely or only partially. The choice is great, but one thing you should always keep in mind: The diffusibility of the walls must not suffer!

Either apply breathable materials to the façade, or use a substructure to provide thorough ventilation. Here are our disguise ideas for your house:

  • Apply stone mosaics on the facade
  • Lay large tiles in the lower section
  • Put wooden panels on the surface
  • Screw corten steel in a modern rust look
  • Fasten trendy corrugated iron formations creatively
  • fade in red or white bricks
  • Apply plastic panels in different colors
  • install decorative clinker straps
  • Fix slate in traditional or modern pattern

Tips & Tricks

This selection is already pretty full, right? Maybe you look at one or the other version once "in kind" to put your final decision on solid feet.

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