Make a house for pirates

A pirate hideaway in your own room

Make a house for pirates: pirates

Ahoy, Pirates and Arrr!

This is what every little boy dreams of: a hiding place worthy of Jack Sparrows. Making a house for pirates - thanks to our illustrated building instructions, this pirate's nest can soon decorate the children's room. Black, brown and white wooden planks immediately recall the robbers of the oceans.

Disguised as a pirate, the imagination of the child is now nothing in the way. The hiding place protects against the eyes of unloved sailors and the matching treasure chest can be used as a storage place for stolen treasures and gold.

Little pirates like to make for their lives. So let's get started on the wood!

Level of difficulty and time required

  • Easy to medium level of difficulty
  • about 7 - 8 hours without drying time

material list

  • 4 strips 2.5 x 4.5 x 240 cm
  • 4 wooden boards 17,5 x 2 x 240 cm
  • Wall color olive-brown
  • Wall color brick-red
  • Tinting color brown
  • Wood stain white
  • Wood stain brown
  • Wood stain gray
  • Thin masking tape about 1.8 cm
  • Wrapping paper or newsprint
  • Wood screws 4 x 70 mm
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • spirit level
  • Paint Roller
  • Line Lasers
  • Fine Spray
  • battery jigsaw
  • sawing station
  • Cordless two-speed drill
  • Battery Multischleifer
  • cutter
  • sponge

building instructions

Before tinkering, the wall is painted

Paint the wall in olive-brown with the Paintroller and let it dry. For the tile pattern on the wall, use the cross-line laser to glue six approx. 2.5 ml long horizontal lines of thin painter's crepe at a distance of 10 cm. Likewise vertical lines with a distance of 15cm stick next to each other. Cut the vertical lines of crepe at each intersection with the horizontal lines with a cutter. In the upper row, remove every second vertically applied masking tape. Reposition the last step in the row below in such a way that you get a wall optic.

Apply wall paint

Make a house for pirates: Tinker

Wrapping paper in DIN A2 (pirates tinker alternatively also with newspaper) rip unevenly. Glue the torn paper with a painter's crepe around the taped wall so as to obtain the appearance of a cracked wall. Spray on the free surface with diluted wall paint (red brick) and the fine spray system and allow to dry. Tint off the remaining color from the spray gun with brown paint and pat with a coarse sponge isolated on the sprayed stone wall. Let it dry and remove paper and masking tape from the wall.

Crop and regrind

Make a house for pirates: house

Measure the following pieces from the wooden strips and cut them: 1 x 95 cm, 2 x 50 cm 2 x 88 cm and 4 x 100 cm and sand the cut edges with the accumulator sander. Screw a 100 cm long strip at a height of one meter with the cordless two-speed drill straight to the wall. Screw the two 50 cm and two 100 cm strips together into a frame.

Screw everything together

Make a house for pirates: Tinker

Screw one of the 88 cm long strips to the strip on the left and right of the wall with one screw. The other end of the 88 cm strips is fastened to the frame with one screw each. Make pirates using a spirit level: Bring the frame to a right angle and fix with a second screw through the two ends of the 88 cm strips. The last 100 cm strip is screwed to the roof centrally between the two 88 cm strips with the cordless two-speed drill driver. The 95 cm strip is screwed into the frame at a height of 34 cm.

Saw out wooden boards

Make a house for pirates: Tinker

From the wooden boards with the cordless saw and the sawing station saw out 6 x 92 +/- 2 cm (so that the boards are a bit unevenly long) and 6 x 34 cm.

Attention: If something is made for children, care should be taken that they do not get access to the heavy tool.

Glaze and allow to dry

Make a house for pirates: pirates

Regrind the cut edges with the accumulator sander. Glaze four of the twelve boards in white, brown and gray using the fine spray system and let them dry. Screw the 34 cm boards to the front of the house with the cordless two-speed drill driver. The 92er boards as a roof screw on the house.

Pirate's dreams can be lived out in this pirate house. Have fun.

Make a house for pirates: boards

Photo source: Bauer Living GmbH, editorial deco & style

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