Building a house from natural resources

Building a house from natural resources: resources

More and more people are realizing that Building materials of the insulation up to the wall painting have a major impact on healthy living and vitality.

This is the immediate environment that we create ourselves or that we can influence. Organic homes are therefore in the trend: for a beautiful, healthy home, through sensual materials from natural resources, with optimal energy-saving values, individually planned by architects for well-being and pampering...

Ecological building materials

Lots however, modern homes are crammed with chemical substances such as formaldehyde (in chipboard and glues), PVC, styrene (in plastics), fluorine, aniline, mercury, arsenic (in paints, varnishes, carpets and wallpaper) etc.

The Use of sanitary natural building materials is therefore one of the key points for building in organic quality.

Because natural materials are adaptable, airy, absorbent, skin-friendly and often fragrance they are good too. And wood as a renewable raw material meets this concern in particular, also because it is available everywhere.

Healthy building means, too to create a pleasant room climate in the house and cosiness. Wood as a building material and insulation materials from renewable raw materials (for example, flax, hemp, cellulose) are among the most important natural products in house building.

The innovative wooden house company VÖMA Bio-Bau has been in existence since its foundation consistent construction of organic homes prescribed. Modern architect houses in traditional craftsmanship quality the true wooden stand construction, which bribe by natural aesthetics and allow a sensual, healthy living and life.

House with natural insulation materials

The organic house wall with Natural insulation is particularly breathable and thus allows an incomparable living environment, which is reinforced by mineral plasters and natural colors.

And who is well insulated, has much less heat and saves a lot of "coal". The 30 cm thick and breathable energy wood wall from VÖMA is not only healthy for the living, but also has unbelievably favorable energy-saving values.

With innovative ventilation and heating systems as well as triple glazing This high-quality energy-efficient home can be further optimized. Then you can even look forward to a grant from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau...

In the - made of natural materials - high quality organic homes stands the health of the inhabitants and the pleasant living atmosphere in the first place.

Source: JÄGER Management

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