House built, now is the garden's turn - value-enhancing measures

When building a house, of course, you first focus on the building and its interior design. As soon as the most important works have been completed, you can devote yourself to the grounds and to the plant or embellishment of the garden. This task is a pleasure for many homeowners and is perceived with much love and care. In the well-tended gardens you can see in many places how many great ideas were implemented with sweat and effort. Not only the appearance plays a role: many investments increase the value of the property, as they improve the overall picture and the living comfort.

Value-enhancing measures

Examples of value-enhancing measures include the construction of a swimming pool or the design of a terrace. The installation of a barbecue area with built-in grill is one of these measures. If there is still no property fencing, it is worth building a garden fence and a matching gate.

House built, now is the garden's turn - value-enhancing measures: measures

A terrace is used for recreation and increases the value of a garden considerably.

Maybe garden and yard should be separated spatially, if, for example, a guard dog should find his place in the yard or visitors should have unrestricted access only to a certain area. The cost of a fixed pool can easily be up to 30,000 euros.

For the terrace, it depends on the materials used and the in-house services. Here you have to expect with costs from 1000 euros. A fence costs from 25 euros per meter.

Better logistics on the property

In order to optimally utilize the property, garden owners usually create paths and boundaries. Think beforehand about which activities occur regularly and how the garden should be used.

House built, now is the garden's turn - value-enhancing measures: measures

Anyone planning a kitchen garden should also think about the accommodation of tools, equipment and not least the harvest.

Do you need a meadow to play and relax? Where do garbage cans and tool sheds come from? Where should the barbecue and fire place be set up and where would you like to plant trees and shrubs?

If this task seems difficult, you can hire a landscape gardener or a nursery with planning and execution. Planning prices start at a few hundred euros and can quickly reach four-figure sums on a large property.

Garden or paradise to relax

Often, gardens in Germany are not only operated as pure kitchen gardens. There are always areas where you create lawns or flower beds for an oasis of scents and bright colors.

House built, now is the garden's turn - value-enhancing measures: measures

The garden is for some people the paradise on earth, but requires a lot of work.

If the planning is cleverly designed, crops such as fruit trees and berry bushes can be integrated into the landscape without diminishing recreational value. As time progresses, the needs of the residents can change as the family grows, the children grow up, or they go their own ways. Changes should not cause too much financial burden.

Use financing to reach the goal quickly

When building a house, all means are often required for the design of the property. Rarely, the builders plan enough money for the garden and its extensions. If you do not want to save for a long time before the dream of the green oasis at the house comes true, you can be quicker with a loan. Cheap loans can be found on comparison portals, where you can check all conditions before the contract in peace.

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