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On the occasion of the Federal Horticultural Show, conducted interviews with a number of companies that have excelled in the field of garden design with attractive products. Read today our interview with Mr. Loeffelholz, owner of the company eleo fence systems in Upper Franconia. Mr. Loeffelholz, on which products has your company specialized?

Loeffelholz: We manufacture custom-made wrought-iron gates and fences according to customer requirements. Often the customers give us the exact dimensions, for example, if someone wants to renew an old fence system and so has already existing posts. Our fence can then be fitted exactly. What are the success factors of your company?

Loeffelholz: In addition to the price we can offer, it is the individuality with which we manufacture the fences and gates according to customer requirements. Our customer service is comprehensive. We are available on weekdays until 10 pm for our customers and allow the customer to receive technical drawings already during the offer phase, enabling him to contribute his individual wishes.

House Journal: Your company is located in the area Bamberg / Upper Franconia. Do you see yourself as a regional provider or are you active nationwide?

Loeffelholz: eleo Zaun operates throughout the German-speaking area, including in Austria and Switzerland. The delivery is made directly to the customers, so that the delivery staff can assist with any questions and queries.

House Journal: They offer different coatings. Which variant do you recommend to customers looking for the longest possible durability?

Loeffelholz: Before I talk about the coating, I would like to respond to the experience that it is the desire of several customers to get the finished fences and gates delivered as untreated steel. Some of these customers wish to do the coating themselves, another leaves the steel natural.

However, the vast majority of customers would like a coating. We can offer these with different methods. The traditional type of surface protection is hot dip galvanizing. As a rule, the customer chooses RAL color coating or mica graphite. We do not use the coating on the hot dip galvanized surface, but the technologically more modern and better process, which is now generally used in the automotive industry. The material is blasted, then zinc-phosphated on the stainless substrate and cathodically dip-coated. This "base coat" guarantees rust protection and at the same time is an excellent adhesion basis for the subsequent coating with RAL colors or anthracite mica graphite.

House Journal: You also run garden pavilions. What advice would you give to a customer looking for a gazebo?

Loeffelholz: I would recommend the customer as the most urgent decision to go after the stability. Garden pavilions are offered in large numbers on the Internet and in the hardware stores. The optics says nothing about the material execution. Imported, reasonably priced pavilions that flood the market are so cheap because they save on material and have a comparably nice appearance. These are hollow profiles with a very low wall thickness. Both the rusting done quickly and the stability is not given, which is required when a pavilion is exposed to a sun sails strong wind.
In addition to the usual color variants of pavilions, such. Anthracite, mica graphite, fir green or deep black, the pavilions at eleo are also available in gold-colored as an exclusive development.

House Journal: eleo Zaun has been owner-managed for 40 years, and all the ropes go together for you. What motivates you every day in your work?

Loeffelholz: The entrepreneurial activity is incredibly fun, even if you daily on new wishes of customers may adjust. Then it is this profession that keeps you young.

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