Copying house keys - what you have to consider

If an additional house key is necessary, a duplicate key can be easily created in many cases. However, where there are problems and obstacles, and where things get more difficult, you can find out more about them here.

Prerequisites for making the locksmith service

  • Technical feasibility
  • For locking systems: security card required
  • Template: no registered key

Technical feasibility

Not all key types can be imitated by the locksmith. Modern locking systems often have additional backups, which make it impossible to make replicas.

In general, these are either 3D profiles or embedded in the key electromagnetic or electronic security elements, which are often clearly seen as points on the key bit. Such security devices can not be copied. Also movable locking elements are not copied.

Here an additional key must be requested from the respective manufacturer.

Also technically problematic are all keys that can not be milled from the solid, or for which there are no blanks. Locksmiths usually can not create such keys.

For locking systems: security card required

Keys for locking systems can often be easily copied if they do not have one of the above-mentioned security devices.

However, for copying, most key services must provide the appropriate security card to prove that they are authorized to order a new key.

Occasionally, however, individual locksmiths do the making of the new key even without presenting the security card. Although this is also legal and legal, it is problematic because it can be a source of abuse.

Template: no registered key

If the template for the duplicate key is a so-called registered key or numbering key, the imitation of the key services is usually denied.

Tips & Tricks

An internet page on which system keys can also be ordered without presenting the security card is the page or

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