Let the house be painted from the outside: How to estimate the costs!

The facade of a house is exposed to many weather conditions, the exhaust gases of the road traffic can turn the color gray or even scroll. After a few years, the owner should have the house redecorated - what costs are to be expected?

Delete house: the cost factors

Painting a whole house is a complex undertaking, the cost of which is incalculable. However, there are a few factors that can be used as a guide when estimating the price.

  • Square footage: The total area to be painted represents a particularly important cost factor.
  • House height: For a multi-storey building, you need a scaffold that incurs additional costs.
  • Damage finding on the facade: cracks, holes and spalling require pre-treatment, the costs increase.
  • Number of coats: For a heavily burred façade, a second or even third coat may be necessary.
  • Design wishes: Colored settling of building elements or other decorative decorations cause higher costs.
  • Roads to be secured: Vulnerable, publicly accessible areas must be secured during construction, which also costs money.
  • Region: To have a house painted in the city is usually more expensive than in the countryside. The costs for the craftsman vary regionally.

Example project Delete house: costs specifically

As an example, we choose a two-story family house in a small town - with 210 square meters of painting facade. The craftsman usually includes windows and doors in the area calculation, since he has to cover and repaint them consuming.

Let the house be painted from the outside: How to estimate the costs!: painted

The painter brings his own scaffolding, the construction and dismantling costs 600 EUR. For further preparatory work, such as covering the floor under the scaffolding and masking the windows, 300 EUR will be charged.

The filling of holes and cracks costs about 400 EUR including material.

Including paint, the homeowner pays 6 EUR per square meter for the primer. The costs for the final painting amount to 12 EUR per sqm.

Decorative color deductions on windows and doors in addition to the simple house in this case costs 520 EUR extra. The façade thus experiences a significant upgrade.

Cost overviewprice
Scaffolding construction and dismantling600 EUR
masking300 EUR
Texturing400 EUR
primer1,260 euros
painting2.520 EUR
Decorative design520 EUR
total5,600 EUR

Reduce costs: scratch the house yourself

Painting the house is not a problem for many do-it-yourselfers. However, get expert advice if you have unimaginable structural damage!

Tips & Tricks

Do not let your house "cheap" delete, just to save costs. Conscientious substrate preparation is very important for the durability of the paint, so you hire a company with a good reputation!

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