Modern paint the house facade with strong ideas

Modern, that does not always mean puristic white or gray, although these subtle colors are also part of the current trend range. But of course, as a homeowner, you also have the option of choosing completely different tones and combining them to create real color highlights. We browse a bit in the box of ideas.

Which colors are »modern«?

To paint a house façade in a modern way means choosing shades that correspond to the current trend. Combining shades of gray of all kinds is very popular at the moment, as well as bringing radiant white into play.

But even "colorful" colors are currently popular and often used. For larger areas, most homeowners tend to rely on soft pastel shades, such as light green, blue or yellow, while small areas as a contrasting program shine in rich colors.

Modern paint the house facade with strong ideas: facade

Modern design ideas for your facade

Today's homeowners like to use a clearly contoured, linear design language. With straight stripes and stylized patterns, you are on the right page, as well as rectangles, cuboids and diamonds are very welcome.

But it is also different: How about strikingly place your house number in scene? Use the brush to put the large-size number on the façade and work it into a decorative pattern.

Mediterranean glazes are still right »in«. Sun colors such as terracotta, orange or bright yellow make your house shine so well; applied in a glaze like an airy, living picture.

That's what you should think about when painting!

Of course, apart from the actual design, there are a few other things to consider when it comes to painting the house facade in a modern way. Here is a list of the most important points:

  • Mask windows and doors clean
  • deposit modern plaster in beautiful structure
  • pay attention to a stable, clean surface
  • Preferably mix the paint by machine
  • pay attention to uniform color
  • always wet-on-wet work
  • Do not pause on large surfaces
  • do not paint at temperatures below 5 degrees
  • do not paint in rainy weather
  • do not stroke in strong sunlight

Tips & Tricks

First, digitally simulate the new paint job before putting it into action analogously. So you can reassure yourself once again whether everything really fits together.

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