The family house - a cost statement

Building a family home is a complicated process that adds up to a lot of costs. In this article, you will find an example of the costs incurred in a new construction.

Set clear limits

It is important that you keep an eye on all the costs of your detached house right from the planning stage. Because these are extensive and range from the land costs on the shell construction to interior work - but not only material but also labor costs will burden your cash. You can keep an eye on these, too, if you are everywhere. However, you will not save with the motto "They'll do it".

Especially in the design applies: To keep the costs calculable, you should set clear financial limits. If you do not do that, the costs will get out of hand and put additional strain on you. Especially if you want a clear budget, you need a well-organized planning and construction phase.

The family house - a cost statement: cost

Our example

For our example, we take a detached house with a living area of ​​120 square meters, the associated property is 400 square meters. It is a massive house designed in collaboration with an architect.

Cost overviewprice
1. Property costs40,000 EUR (price per square meter: 100 EUR)
2nd shell including construction costs120,000 euros
3. Additional costs for land and house (for example, building permit, notary)30,000 euros
4. Processing and franking of the property5,000 EUR
5. Development10,000 euros
6. Exterior work (for example paving the driveway) and garden15,000 euros
7. Architectural costs20,000 euros
8. Interior work80,000 euros
total320,000 euros

As you can see, costing a single-family home is manifold and usually involves even more cost points than in the example above. In the fewest cases, it is possible to calculate the costs precisely before the start of construction, since such an operation rarely runs without errors.

Tips & Tricks

Ask various architects about the total amount of the costs; Through their experience, you can usually determine reliable benchmarks for your project. If you want more certainty, build a prefabricated house: A prefabricated house supplier can usually calculate the costs relatively accurately.

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