Let the house clink - where are the costs?

A clinkered façade has the great advantage over the plastered exterior that it is very weatherproof and easy to clean. However, if you have your house cluttered afterwards, you have to expect a relatively high cost. We not only inform you about the current prices.

Cost of clinker bricks

There are many different types of clinker bricks. Clinker strips are very thin and are used for facade cladding, they are mainly used as a completion of thermal insulation systems. This type of clinker is relatively cheap to have.

Hard-fired clinker bricks or stones in special shades tend to be more expensive. Expect an average of 0.50 EUR per brickstone. Per square meter you bring about 45 to 65 stones.

Let the house clink - where are the costs?: house

The clinker costs you therefore altogether about 22 to 33 EUR per square meter, if you do not select particularly cheap or expensive stones. In addition, of course, the mortar.

The wages of craftsmen differ regionally, but also the individual local companies probably charge slightly different amounts. Experience has shown that you can count on clinker brickwork between 40 and 90 EUR per square meter.

For clinker straps that are simply glued to the façade, no foundation is necessary. If you want to use whole or half clinker for your house, you should inquire about the foundation price.

Facade not yet insulated? Use insulating clinker!

If the house façade does not have any thermal insulation to the current standard, a veneering with insulating clinker is recommended: So insulate and clink in one step - this saves a total of money! Further advantages of insulating clinker:

  • effective thermal insulation composite system
  • Heat insulation panels are on the clinker back
  • beautiful stone look
  • easy assembly of the individual stones
  • large selection of different formats from 11.5 cm to only 1.5 cm depth
  • large selection of different colors and finishes
  • easy-care and weather-resistant facade

However, the costs for insulating clinker are higher than for simple clinker. Expect an average price including installation of about 170 EUR per square meter. A not very large facade of 100 square meters already costs 17,000 EUR.

Cost example: brick up the house

A house from the 60s receives a thermal insulation on the outer facade, it is also blinded with beautiful Klinkerriemchen. The verklinkerte area is a total of 150 square meters.

Cost overviewprice
1. clinker bricks and mortar30 EUR per square meter
2nd bricklayer50 EUR per square meter
total12,000 EUR

Low maintenance for the clinkered facade

Even if the bricking of your house initially costs more than the plastering, this financial expense will pay off over the years. Because a professional clinkered façade can withstand decades, it also needs no regular painting.

Tips & Tricks

Before clinking up your house, take a closer look at the development plan: Find out if clinker facades are allowed in your residential area.

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