The house water automat: the functioning

If you catch rainwater or use your own well, you need a suitable water pump or a domestic waterworks. When researching many interested parties also come to the so-called home automation. This does not always reveal the difference between domestic waterworks and domestic water systems. Therefore, we describe below the mode of operation and the areas of application for the house water automat.

The trend towards own water production

Water is precious. In addition, the water from the public network is expensive, because in addition to the amount of water also added to the sewage charge. The water from the public networks has drinking water quality, ie a very high quality. For cost and environmental reasons, therefore, worthwhile alternatives for water. That would include the following options:

  • Fountain
  • Water reservoirs such as rainwater collection tanks
  • Water from river, lake or creek

Pumping systems for water extraction

But there are also different ways to promote this water. The most important would be the following:

  • the conventional water pump (submersible or suction pump)
  • the pressure pump
  • the house waterworks
  • the house water automat

Domestic water boiler and domestic waterworks

At first glance, the house water boiler and domestic waterworks are very similar, only that the water boiler is missing the pressure vessel. But even the control technology differs significantly on closer inspection. Under "Domestic Waterworks" you will learn everything about the functioning of the domestic waterworks. But so much should be said here to better understand the difference to the automatic water boiler.

Operation of the domestic waterworks

The pressure vessel stores water within a certain minimum and maximum pressure in the feed line (from the pump to the taps). The pump then does not start so often and it is always ensured that there is water at the taps. But the domestic waterworks is not suitable as a pump for a fast and large water withdrawal. The design of the domestic waterworks (when operating at a well) is tailored to the usefulness of the well.

Function of the automatic water boiler

Quite different with the house water automat. First of all, the structure: the domestic water machine consists of the feed pump and a controller. It is an electronic component that operates via a sensor or sensor. If the faucet or hose is now turned on with an installed domestic water machine, the pressure drops immediately. The pump turns on and delivers.

Applications for the domestic water machine

However, the pump continues to deliver until the pressure reaches a pre-set value. The pump is characterized by a good delivery line. The domestic water machine is therefore particularly well, if over a period of time much water is needed at a constant pressure. A typical application would be watering the garden.

For use as a supplement to the feed of the public water network, the domestic water boiler is therefore not suitable. As an example, withdrawals are mentioned, which are short. So a short turn on the faucet, the operation of the toilet flush or the regulated water inlet in household appliances such as the washing machine.

The domestic water boiler is no alternative to the domestic waterworks

It could be that the domestic water machine does not evaluate the low water withdrawal as such, since the minimum pressure is not reached. In addition, with the automatic water boiler, neither the switch-on pressure nor the switchover pressure can be set. So it is not suitable to hold any pressure in combination with the connection to the public water network.

Tips & Tricks

In contrast to the domestic water machine, the pressure can be adjusted very well at the domestic waterworks. Of course, we also offer you a corresponding guide in the house journal. Follow the link for instructions on how to set the pressure switch on the domestic waterworks.

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