Winterfest house

Bring the house safely through the winter

Winterfest house: roof

In winter, humans and their dwellings face special challenges. The cold increases both significantly, including the damp weather and the darkness cause problems, A house, like a human being, must be prepared for the winter.

While the man has a warm coat available, the house remains outwardly even in winter "undressed", worse: Damage from the summer or the stormy autumn, which have not been shown at all, come to light in winter and on top of that makes frost repairs impossible.

This article informs about the most important things in the house and garden, which checks before the winter Need to become. If you do not want to renovate in the spring, you should read our tips carefully

The winterfest points at the house

Winterfest house: roof

Cold spots on the house

The gutter: The classic for wet feet in winter

Winterfest house: house

Icicles at the gutter

Gutters are in the Winter special loads exposed: It does not have to look as dramatic-beautiful as in our picture, nevertheless snow and ice increase the weight bearing on the roof drainage considerably.

Especially in older houses, the gutters are usually getting a bit old: From Leaves clogged and with leaking downpipes they can already cause problems in the fall make - but usually remain unnoticed or at least unresolved.

In winter, however, the suspensions of the gutters are put to the test. Depending on how well they were executed during the construction of the roof, they withstand the snow and ice loads for years and decades. A snowy winter brings the durability of the eaves but quickly to its limit: The Suspensions tear out, the gutter hangs askew and crashes in the worst case.

Almost worse than the loss of grip of the gutter is that the tearing gutter usually damages the eaves on the sensitive edge of the roof, the roof connection, entails. Under some circumstances rain or melt water can penetrate under the roof tiles and run unnoticed down the walls - outside or inside. At worst, the water runs between the insulation and the wall of the house and may go unnoticed for years. Mold, muff and possibly a total renovation can be the result.

Therefore: Before winter, the gutters must be checked for tightness. Also, the gutters should be cleaned, leaves and dirt stop the outflow of rainwater. The otherwise resulting icicles can weigh hundreds of kilograms in heavy frost!

The roof: pans off? Not so good!

If you ever look for the gutters, you should also take a closer look at the roof. The Storms in autumn, animals and plants can damage the roof have caused. Missing or broken roof tiles must be replaced before winter: Once the water has run under the membrane, it will be expensive.

Also, small cracks on the Roofing or damage to the insulation can be dangerous in the long run and expensive: Frost also breaks up small cracks due to the tendency of frozen water to expand and permanently damages the roof. In addition, roof repairs in the winter usually can not be performed - better before looking again.

Check lighting at the house

Every winter there are days when it does not get really light and on top of that already darkens from three o'clock in the afternoon. Lighting is therefore vitalEspecially when smoothness makes walking difficult anyway.

in the Outside area is a lamp on the door at most houses appropriate. Does this still work and is an energy saving lamp screwed in? Is the lamp bright enough? If necessary, you can also screw in a slightly stronger energy-saving lamp - and cleaning never hurts. If the lamp is ugly and rusty, it may be a new one anyway. Maybe with LED technology?

Windows and window frames

Winterfest house: winter

Heat loss due to broken seals or obsolete glazing

Windows and window frames have the task in winter to keep the heat in and the cold outside. In the In the cold season, the windows and the frames are on top of that on very tight conditions exposed: The heat from the inside and the cold from the outside lead to changing expansions of window sashes and frames.

So it is very important that the windows are tight. This can be checked quite easily: if in the Near a road or another sound source is, you should not with the window closed or just listen very quietly. If something can be heard and the volume gets lower with light to medium pressure on the sash, something is not tight - usually the seal between the sash and the frame. This should be carefully examined and replaced if necessary.

Even the glazing itself deserves some attention: Especially old and cheap double or triple glazing windows show cloudiness in the edge area. Here moisture has penetrated between the discs. As a rule, such damage does not get better over time, but worse: In the worst case, the disc can tear at this point by the spontaneous expansion in frost - in winter, not a nice idea.

However, a call to the glazier does not necessarily have to cost anything: Many windows have a lifetime warranty for tightness.

Door locks and other "clamp traps"

In winter everything is a bit heavier: too Doors and hinges are due to the decreasing lubricity in the cold a little slower than usual and at worst refuse service. Door locks and car door locks are best made with some graphite powder in the form. This does not resinify even in great cold and has a good lubricating effect. Doors and hinges should be sprayed with a good multipurpose grease make it workable.

Winterfest house: house

Moisture settles between wall and plaster and freezes. This leads to the blowing off of the plaster

Machine oil or other household oils (Caramba, WD 40 etc.) should not be used better: The cleaning effect of these oils rather rinses off the existing grease and the lubricating effect does not last very long.

Cracks in the plaster - Expensive work in the spring

Before the first frost, they should be removed: cracks in the plaster and in the facade. In the presence of frost, penetrating water can have extremely destructive effects - it is not uncommon for the plaster to fall off the façade in big puffs. Therefore: Quickly get some repair material and close the crack. You can look after the look either immediately or next spring - it is important, above all, that the façade be tight again first.

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