Drinking water treatment in the household - where can quality still be improved?

For water treatment at home countless devices are offered on the market. In what points you can actually improve the quality of drinking water meaningful, reveals the following contribution.

Possible health hazards

Despite the widely proclaimed, ever-increasing pollution of drinking water, our tap water in Germany is by no means dangerous to health. This is ensured by the strict tests imposed by the Drinking Water Ordinance on the water suppliers.

Bacteria can occur, but they are not dangerous, disease-causing germs. By far the most bacteria are completely harmless and non-pathogenic.

It looks different when the drinking water pipes are germinated. Here, however, does not help an improvement of the drinking water, but only an immediate and comprehensive sterilization of the lines.

Pollutants that can pass through the wastewater treatment unhindered and thus also enter the drinking water, are usually present only in very small traces. According to current scientific findings threatens them because of the extremely small amounts no health hazard. They are mainly:

  • drug residues
  • Hormones and
  • small traces of degradation products of certain pesticides

For heavy metal pollution, nitrate and chemical substances there are very strict limit values ​​throughout Europe, which are always met with tap water.

Preparation by filtering

Water filters can filter suspended matter and turbidities out of the water, thus improving the smell and taste. Individual chemicals are also further removed. There is a risk of microbial contamination if used improperly.

Preparation by a reverse osmosis system

Drinking osmosis water is not very healthy. The reverse osmosis system also wastes a lot of valuable drinking water and expensive energy.

Treatment by water revitalization

There are no chemical changes and there is no purification of the water due to the activation. The effect alone is "energetic". At the very least, this type of treatment at least does not waste precious natural resources.

Tips & Tricks

In any case, only that portion of the tap water that actually enters the body and not just the drainage needs to be treated. That's not even five percent for an average household.

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