How are ceiling panels professionally assembled?

Any DIY enthusiast who knows how to handle a percussion drill, a small table saw, hammer and nailer, and measuring tools can assemble a panel ceiling himself. He saves costs with his own contribution and already enjoys his own, beautiful ceiling during assembly.

What are the possibilities of a panel ceiling?

Ceiling panels can be mounted in two different ways. these are

  • direct ceiling mounting or
  • suspended ceilings

Direct ceiling installations serve to cover, for example, cracked ceilings at room heights of up to 2.50 meters. A panel ceiling is suspended when recessed spotlights, loudspeakers, etc. are to be installed in this ceiling or high ceiling heights are to be reduced.
How do you proceed?

Scaffolding for ceiling mounting

Old building ceilings usually consist of a plaster and underlying wooden formwork. In this case screw roof battens with wood screws directly to this formwork. For concrete floors, fix them with plastic dowels at intervals of approx. 50cm.
Their roof battens must provide on all walls circumferentially a solid bearing surface for the panels. The distance between the slats is a maximum of 50cm. Constantly check that your battens are even and level out any unevenness with plastic wedges.

Shoring of a suspended ceiling

For this, you preferably use the kit material with galvanized sheet metal profiles and ceiling hangers. These profiles run at intervals of no more than one meter and are secured circumferentially to the wall with an end profile. On the profile, the counter battens from roof battens with 50cm distance.

How are the panels assembled?

Use the provided panel claws for mounting, which you attach to the battens with a nailer. Around the walls, nail or screw the panels directly into the wall area so closely that they will later be covered by the end strip.

If your panels are too short for the ceiling, lay them in continuous laying by using the panel cuts with grooves and springs as well.

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