How are paving stones cut?

Paving always results in places where the paving stones have to be cut. For composite installation these are the outer edges, for arched installation the wedge-shaped blanks and for patterns the exact fitting.
Each paving material has its own peculiarities, where not only the strength of the material is crucial. Accordingly, you must select your cutting technique.

Cutting concrete pavement

If you apply a concrete pavement to a surface, you must first fill the entire surface with solid stones. You save on cuts, because that saves time. When this area is finished, start with the blanks. You can also measure the length of the blanks with a folding rule. However, it is more efficient and more accurate if you place a whole stone in the remaining gap and mark the cut edge on both sides with the pencil.
Do the cutting work in a do-it-yourself job using a cut-off machine equipped with a 230mm carbide blade for concrete. This work produces a very loud noise and causes a lot of dust. Therefore, be careful not to offend your neighbors and wear ear protection. Cheaper is a stonecracker, the purchase of which is not worthwhile, however, once. You can borrow it or a wet cutting machine from a construction company.
When working with a cut-off machine, make sure that you set the carbide blade at exactly the right angle. In the vertical oblique cuts cause wide joints, which disturb the entire joint pattern in the area.

The cutting of natural stone pavement

Conventional carbide blades are not suitable for cutting hard rock such as granite. If you lay natural stone slabs, you can at best scratch them on both sides and then break them over a cavity.
However, to cut hard stone paving stones you will need a professional machine or the handyman's experience in stone breaking.

The cutting of pavers

The cutting of pavers is carried out as with concrete paving with a carbide blade. However, calculate an even higher wear and therefore avoid unnecessarily many blanks.
Also use a large 230 grit or a wet cutting machine. You should not use the stonecutter with clinker because it would cause irregular break edges.

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