How can a well be operated without electricity?

If the question arises about a well without electricity, a non-existent supply may be the reason or the desire to operate a well without an electric pump. With a non-existent power connection, several pump manufacturers offer gasoline engine devices. The pumps are then driven in a similar way to an emergency generator. Note the noise development and operating time with a fuel filling.

Many well owners are experimenting with twelve volt solutions generated by car batteries, also in conjunction with solar cell charging. Feeding depths of more than two meters are, however, usually impossible to cope with this current. Through installed in the pipe recoil valves, the conveying force can be increased.

Among the possible types of wells, there are two types of wells, which are operated by muscle power with a welled groundwater well and the construction of a draw well. The most typical representative of a drawing well is the fountain with a rotary pump.

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