How can I disassemble my sofa professionally?

Such an average sofa not only has a decent weight, it is also quite big. During transport, it may not go through the narrow stairwell, or it does not fit on the back of the trailer. Luckily, large seating can usually be disassembled, even if that is not obvious at first glance.

No breakdown found? Find Next!

You've probably already figured out how best to disassemble your sofa and found nothing. Often the places are well hidden, where the furniture is screwed or put together!

That's why it says: keep looking! The best thing to do is turn your couch around completely and look at it from the bottom to see if there is not another way to disassemble it.

Look for zippers or Velcro closures and snaps! Among them are often screwed or connectors that can be solved relatively quickly.

Disassemble the sofa into as many individual parts as possible: how it works!

If you want to "pimp" your couch as much as possible, then you can do much more: Here is a little guide for all successful sofa-bursters:

  • First, tilt the sofa on the back and see if the feet can be removed. Sometimes they are attached, but screwed in most cases.
  • If the individual seating elements are separated, it will be time to do so. This makes it much easier to "handle" the sofa.
  • On the bottom of the sofa, you can also try to undo the cover, which is often fastened with staples. Underneath the fabric are all the backrests that you uninstall after this "stripping".
  • The upholstery can now be removed mostly, but sometimes they have to be cut out with the carpet knife.
  • Maybe you can now even disassemble the body of each element and remove the springs. Some couch can be disassembled so completely that in the end only "odds and ends" is left.

Tips & Tricks

If you have completely disassembled your sofa, you can also look up which parts may already be defective or worn or worn out. When assembling at the new location you may already have a suitable replacement ready!

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