How can I make my single-family home energy-efficient?

With the expensive energy prices of today, the energy efficiency of houses plays an increasingly important role. In this article, we explain how to make your home efficient, save energy and thus reduce the running costs.

Efficient design with modern technology

The house itself provides the ideal conditions for efficient living. Thermal insulation is as important here as a modern heating system. The insulation, which is particularly important in places such as the front door, the windows and the roof, prevents unnecessary loss of energy and thus, of course, saves costs.

Not only heating, but also electricity consumers are part of modern technology. If you invest in components such as new lighting, a new refrigerator or an efficient TV, the initial costs will be fast. This applies in most cases for modernizing technology: despite the investment, it is cheaper than the rest of the operation of old technology.

How can I make my single-family home energy-efficient?: energy-efficient

The single-family house itself is a good prerequisite for efficient living: Since it provides less living space than other types of house such as the two-family house, logically, not so much heating energy and electricity can be consumed.

It depends on your lifestyle

But modern technology alone is no guarantee for economical living: Your own energy consumption plays a decisive role: If you heat with the windows open, leave the refrigerator open frequently or leave the lights switched on in the absence, your energy costs will be guaranteed to be high. Although these are extreme examples, they do show that the efficiency of your home depends greatly on your lifestyle.

If you want to optimize your energy-conscious lifestyle, investing in a smart home can help: autonomous or remote window closure, shut-off of the oven when not in use, or similar features will take longer if you do not always think about saving energy.

Plan investments well

Of course, good insulation, heating and modern home automation are relatively high investments. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your costs and save on unimportant areas. As a rule, insulation is the most important and effective, but also an expensive investment, but it pays off in any case.

Set a price limit right from the start to better plan costs and financing. This applies to subsequent investments, but above all to new buildings. Here, four- or five-digit amounts are often "downsized", as they do not play a major role in the overall price of the building.

Tips & Tricks

On the Internet you will find a number of other energy saving tips to ensure economical, efficient and environmentally friendly living. Often, small things in the household play a crucial role in terms of energy consumption.