What is the best way to paint lime paint?

Lime colors are currently gaining in popularity, mainly because of their high ecological value and the absence of pollutants. In addition, they form a vapor-permeable coating and thus help to effectively regulate the indoor climate. That's why there are many older as well as an increasing number of newer homes with lime coatings: how can they best be painted over?

Lime paint on lime paint: the best solution!

The best solution is to coat the lime paint with another coat of lime. In this way, you get your vapor permeable coating, also lime on lime keeps very good.

If you want to use a different color to paint over lime paint, there could be problems. First of all, plastic-containing colors blatantly reduce the ability to diffuse, but many new coatings would probably not hold up properly.

In most cases, the old lime paint must be completely removed before painting with another paint - in a time-consuming mechanical way. If you prefer to paint over, run a paint test and get help from a specialist.

Test paint on lime: a quick guide

If you decide to use the test coat, first check that the old lime paint is smudge-resistant and stable. Then you decide on a hidden area that you would like to paint over.

  • Wipe test with a dark, wet cloth: Does the lime stain?
  • Tape Test with Painter's Carpet: Is the coating leafing?
  • remove any loose spots and fill with grease
  • only paint on firm ground, possibly consolidate with deep base
  • Tape area thoroughly with tape and foil
  • apply a new coat of paint
  • Observe painting for at least 48 hours
  • Repeat adhesive tape test

If there is no damage during the observation phase and the tape test is successful, you may have a good chance of being re-painted. But there is no guarantee for the future.

Paint lime paint with silicate paint?

Silicate paints are as permeable as lime paint, they require a mineral substrate. To do this, largely remove the old coating and prime the mineral surface with silicate thinner to apply a new coat of paint. A simple sweeping is not recommended here.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to paint lime paint with another paint, get the best expert advice!

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